Sep 262015

Today I’m here to share with you the ipsy September glam bag. It’s been a good month and I’m looking forward to the next! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway, which ends in a few days. Click the banner to the right to go to the giveaway post.

ipsy september glam bag 2016 review

What came in the ipsy September glam bag:

  • ipsy rose gold faux-leather bag
  • Pixi by Petra Mini Brow Trio
  • ipsy x NYX 3 Color Shadow Palette
  • Lipstick in Starlet Cocktail (red)
  • bayberry naturals Rosehip & Hibiscus Moisturizer (for face & neck)
  • TRESemmé Expert Selection Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam

This month’s ipsy glam bag was another hit! It came with an awesome assortment of items. Something for your eyebrows, eyeshadow, lipstick, face lotion, and hair. In total, I’d value this months bag at around $12. Though it’s not too much of a value, I think the items are more useful than not. I get particularly happy whenever I see any palettes or lipsticks.

Bottom line: ipsy’s September bag was perfect in every way

Sep 192015

Launching my XL Kawaii Sample Giveaway today!!! This is probably the best way to test out all of your favorite (mostly korean) beauty brands, ranging from skin care to makeup and lots of in-betweens. I also threw in a few non-sample type products because samples alone seemed a little lame. Overall I feel that this is now a good collection of items and I’m excited to share them with the lucky winner! I’m ended this giveaway earlier than my normal giveaways because I’m too excited for the next ones coming up. Anyways, enough chitchat, let’s get down to the nitty gritty details.  What the Winner Gets: Kawaii pink telephone sticky note pad (100 sheets) DL Plus+ Eyedrops (full size) Danni Professional Mousse Foundation  (full size) Dariya hair velcro (1 pair) Miniature wooden hair comb Korean eyelashes (1 pair) Pencil eyeliner (full size) Purple decorative pin innisfree Eco Nail Remover Tissue (full size) innisfree eco science recover spot essence and wrinkle spot essence (sample x2) L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream (6ml) L’Occitane Milk Concentrate (6ml) Etude House Shinee cutout (for desk decoration) Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (sample x3) Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence (sample x1) Etude House Raspberry

Sep 032015
ipsy July & August Glam Bag Review Shorts

Gosh, I’m horrible at documenting each of my ipsy glam bags that I receive in the mail every month. I guess a big part of that is that it comes in around the 15th, which leaves me with only a couple of weeks before it’s the next month! I’ve decided this time to just get two months over with all in 1 post. Let’s get started with ipsy’s July Glam Bag first. What came in the ipsy July glam bag: Tarte Park Ave Princess (Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer) Crown Brush tweezers Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream (anti-aging lip conditioner, organic, non-gmo) Jor’el Parker Perfume (.30 fl. oz.) Nicka K New York Quad Eye Shadow Aztec/tribal print bag I’m particularly fond of July’s bag. Can’t wait to use the Tarte bronzer, and I’m curious as to how the perfume smells. As for the other items, I thing I may toss them into a future giveaway, but we’ll see. I’d say they are all up for grabs if anyone wants to see them in a giveaway. Bottom line: ipsy’s July bag was probably my favorite so far What came in the ipsy August glam bag: Noyah Lipstick in Desert Rose (all-natural) Luxe Doubler in

Aug 242015
Pravanna ChromaSilk Vivids Silver + Manic Panic Electric Amethyst Dye = DIY Icy Purple Hair

I got my hair done about 2 months ago at a local hair salon, changing it from my usual medium blonde to a platinum blonde ombre. My hair came out beautifully, but it still wasn’t as ashy as I would have liked. I wanted it to be a icy purple color. So I figured that I’d give it a go and try to DIY my hair. Here’s what I used: Pravanna ChromaSilk Vivids in Silver (bought it off of Amazon for about ~$15, I forget, but no more than $20) Manic Panic in Electric Amethyst (~$10 from Ebay) Hair dye mixing bowl and brush (got mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply) Gloves (not pictured) Generic white conditioner (not pictured) Saran warp Hair clip Next you need to mix together the white conditioner, manic panic dye, and pravanna silver in the mixing bowl. I used the following percentages for each: 40% white conditioner 20% manic panic (purple dye) 40% pravanna (silver) Make sure that the 3 are fully blended together. You can use the brush to mix. What’s nice about Pravanna is that you can use the markings on the side of their dye to measure out how much dye you are using. Very useful. After

Aug 052015
Bunny Color Brown Circle Lens Review

It’s been a few months now since I’ve posted a circle lens review. The truth is that most days when I go to work, I wear my D&G glasses (love them so much). The only time that I wear contacts is when I’m traveling, going out, or on the weekends. I’ve gone from being a heavy user to one who tries their best to wear them sparingly (mostly because I want to reduce my neovascularization). Glasses have made a huge comeback over the years, but you can’t deny the power of circle lens when it comes in enhancing one’s look. I think I’ve gone from two extremes (contacts 24hrs to 2 days a week). I need to find a better middle ground because circle lens look better! Let’s have a look at my latest circle lens, the Bunny Color Brown, now on sale for ~$15. These lens were sponsored to me by This is odd to say, but the brand is Lenspop which does lead me to wonder if this is Klenspop’s own circle lens brand? I wonder how that works… Anyways, my lens came in the usual branded box with a new case and tongs. General information on the

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