Jul 282015

Usually I like to reserve Reddit gift exchanges for all of my geeky interests, but this time I decided to try something new. JEWELRY!

Here’s what I got from the gift exchange. I love lots and lots of silver. Thanks Renee (aka Teenkerbelle_NOLA) for the thoughtful gift!

reddit gift exchange jewelry

Got these 3 necklaces with black string and silver detailing. Each of these necklaces are adjustable in length with a silver hook. The only issue I find with them is that I can’t really wear them layered because the length difference between the 3 isn’t enough. But otherwise, it’s gorgeous when worn individually or in pairs. Great for the pool side too!

reddit gift exchange jewelry

This other beautiful necklace has got to be my favorite. I love the detailing and finish of the silver. It’s a long necklace that will work really will with other silver jewelry that I already own. Also the locket has a magnetic clamp and opens up! Gotta figure out what to put inside of it now.

reddit gift exchange jewelry

Oiii~ So my husband likes to rip open all of the packages that we get, even when it’s not his own. This is the result of his sloppy pack opening skills. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to read and the gift itself wasn’t damaged at all.

Anyways, I’m excited for my new additions to my jewelry collection and can’t wait to wear them! Love, love, love.

Thanks for reading!

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xoxo Sarah 


Jul 162015
Summer GlamBag Giveaway (Ends 08/31/15)

IT’S BEEN SO FRIGGIN’ LONG SINCE XLICIOUS GIRL BLOG HAS HAD A GIVEAWAY!!!! But thank goodness, the time has come. I’m happy to present my Summer GlamBag Giveaway, the first of many giveaways to come!  What You Can Win: Woven bag (very cute bag from Ipsy) Gold and royal blue bracelet bangle Rubber tipped makeup brush (used to erase eyeliner/mascara mistakes or apply concealer) SPARITUAL yellow nail polish Liptitude 24/7 hydrating lip stain (really fun lip gloss, perfect for the summer) Smashbox photo finish foundation primer (I use in my travel bag, it’s great) Gold and stone chain necklace Evelyn Iona concealer The Balm’s Mini Nude Eyeshadow in Dude Volume 2 (beautiful brown shadow)  Giveaway Rules: Giveaway starts now and ends August 31, 2015 at 11:59PM PST One (1) winner will be picked at random Items will be shipped free of charge Opened internationally No cheating! Every entry will be checked and cheaters will be eliminated! Please do no unfollow/unlike once the giveaway ends, as it is unfair to those who faithfully follow and want to win the giveaway Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and make sure you complete all mandatory requirements Winner will be selected at random and emailed on

Jul 082015
Yves Saint Laurent YSL Dessin Des Levres Lip Liners (# 3, 8, 17)

I love wearing lipstick, but sometimes it can be so high maintenance! Whenever I wear any lipstick thats bright and bold, I get nervous that the color is fading or that I’ve accidentally smudged it. As a result, I end up checking my reflection constantly — through phone, mirrors, asking friends/husband =___=;; Lipstick can easily go from being fun and flirty to nasty and trashy. If you wear lipstick, having a good lip liner is a MUST. I must admit, I’m no expert at lip liners since I’ve only started using them for about a year now. So if you have any tips, tricks, or advice, do share! The lip liners that I have to show today are the Dessin Des Levres by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). I have them in 3 colors, #3 Fucshia, #8 Cinnamon, and #17 Rose. These are available for purchase at $30 a pop. That’s quite a hefty price tag for what seems like a simple product! It’s almost the same price as YSL’s Rogue Volupte lipsticks which are $36. I guess it all comes down to how you use lipliners and whether you really care for perfection. Either that or you could definitely find other brands for

Jul 022015
ipsy June Glam Bag Review Shorts

As promised in my last blog post, here’s my review short on ipsy June glam bag! I’m trying my best to pick up my blog and write again. The last few weeks I’ve regretfully been in a funk, not quite sure why! But anyways, good news is I’M BACK!  Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will be the SumerBeauty Essentials Giveaway hosted by myself… about time right?! Can’t wait to post! What came in the ipsy June glam bag: Ipsy Black and Orange Bag NUXE Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals (for sensitive skin, massage onto skin and rinse 1-2x per week) treStique Mini Shadow Crayon in Marimoto Pink Pearl (twistable eyeshadow stick) Befine food skin care: Cucumber Facial Mask (5 min face mask to be used 2x per week) smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain (opens up similarly to a nail polish bottle) Out of the three ipsy bags that I’ve received so far, this one is perhaps my favorite. I’d be happy to use 100% of everything I received, and that’s super rare. I especially can’t wait to use the cucumber mask. For the ipsy’s month of June glam bag, I would value everything at

Jun 302015
ipsy May Glam Bag Review Shorts

This is my second ipsy glam bag, ever. I received it in the month of May. Wish I could have done a review short on the bag while it was still May, but if you’ve noticed, my blog has been on a hiatus recently. Guess the end of June will just have to do! Very soon after this review, I’ll be posting my ipsy June glam bag review as well. There’s also a giveaway coming up too! So at least I can promise you that much. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with ipsy’s May glam bag. Also it’s been confirmed by a blog reader and myself that once you get off the waiting list, you don’t have to wait anymore. So far all of my bags have arrived in a timely fashion, usually around the middle of the month. What’s inside the ipsy May glam bag: “VIP: Very Important Products” canvas bag bellápierre cosmetics Gel Eye Liner in EBONY NO.02 (looks very much like a pencil eyeliner that you need to sharpen) amie naturally kind: Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer (controls oiliness & shine, hydrates & softens after cleansing) Briogeo Rosarco Milk: reparative leave-in conditioning spray (use on clean damp hair, contains rosehip,

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