Jan 232015

I’m starting a new form of review on my blog called “Shorts.” These reviews that are labeled shorts won’t be as in depth as my normal reviews, but will mainly focus on whether or not the product works and if it is recommended. So let’s get started with my very first review shorts!

Today I’d like to share with you Secret Cosmetics Cakeys Body Scrub (Milk Tea). I got this as a birthday gift a while back, and have recently been using it as my daily body scrub.

secret cosmetics cakeys body scrub

The texture of this body scrub is gel-like with super fine grains. What I like is that when you work it into your skin, in a circular motion, you can feel the fine grains slowly melt away over the course of a couple mins. I don’t use this on my entire body, but typically focus on my elbows and spread it onto the rest of my arms, and then my knees, back of my thighs, and butt.

I’ve noticed that this scrub has done a good job in reducing the appearance of cellulite on the back of my thighs. So I’m quite happy and willing to use this product every time I step into the shower. 

As for the milk tea scent, I don’t really notice it too much. I’m just grateful that it’s not an orange scent, I’m pretty sick of orange now. Though their may be a lack of smell, this scrub leaves my skin feeling ultra smooth and soft after I’m done showering.

wp-monalisa icon I recommend Secret Cosmetics Cakeys Body Scrub

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Jan 222015
Clouds Brown Circle Lens Review

It’s time for another circle lens review! Today we will be looking at Clouds Brown, which is available for ~$13. These lens were sponsored to me by Klenspop.com. I got this pair the same time as my last one that I reviewed, the I fax Y33 (brown). You can read the review for that here. In my last lens review, I showed the new Klenspop packing. Check it out if you are interested. Otherwise, as pictured above, the lens come with a new contact case and tongs. General information on the lens: Brand: M.I Contact Diameter: 14.0mm Graphic Diameter: 13.4mm Base Curve: 8.6 Water Content: 38% Disposable: 1 year** Country of Origin: South Korea Certifications: ISO CE KGMP Colors Available: brown and grey ** I don’t recommend keeping these lens for a full year, but instead recommend 3-4 months max The design of the Clouds Brown lens is one of the most basic patterns you can get. There really isn’t too much going on besides sheer subtlety. Instead of having a stark thick black outline to the lens, we have a dotted one, creating a softer look. You still get the nice black outline to help define the iris’ shape, but

Jan 072015
Asia Trip 2014: Taiwan

I am finally writing about my trip to Asia!! Yippee~ This might end up being a 5 or 6 part blog post, as I’ve traveled to Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hakone. That’s way too much for me to be able to cover in just one post! This was a 3 week trip that I went on with my husband. Each of us with just 1 carry on luggage. Let’s start with our first destination, Taiwan (duration 6 days) We arrived in Taipei on Sunday, October 12th at night. Picked up by Erick’s cousin’s wife to be (at the time)’s dad, we headed over to where we were staying, Erick’s grandma’s apartment. Oiii~ That was a lot of ‘sssss, lol’s. I was a bit nervous to meet Erick’s family in Taiwan, as I haven’t really met them before. And to meet them as Erick’s wife! Wow, that’s just weird, am I right? Luckily, they were all very friendly towards me. (I’ve had bad experiences before in the past, pffft) After we settled in, Erick’s cousin took us out for our first adventure in Taiwan, a night market! I was happy to get a quick fix of my favorite dish,

Dec 242014
Reddit Gifts: Secret Santa 2014

This is my first year participating in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. I was super hesitant to take part because in the past, I’ve been left giftless by both my secret santa and rematch (it was the Sailor Moon exchange for anyone whose curious). However, RedditGifts did an excellent job of spamming my email in order to convince me to join in the festivities. They ended up getting me right at the last hour before sign ups closed… And boy am I happy that I participated!!! Out of all of the exchanges that I’ve participated in, this is by far thee best ever.  Here I am wearing my new shirt and holding my new game. I’m cheesin’ it up to the max. This was taken right after opening up my parcel. Haha, the shirt still had the tag on it too. Let me tell you why this gift is just too perfect for me. I LOVE Star Wars. It might very well be my favorite movie series, not only because it’s awesome, but also because I feel like it’s a part of my childhood and family. I grew up listening to the soundtracks during car rides with my dad, and

Dec 162014
Christmas at Cisco

Figured this would be a quick and easy post. Just wanted to briefly share with you all the pretty Christmas decorations that we have up in the Cisco office in San Jose. Recently, we had a decorating competition between the different teams. I work in the User Experience department. We are a small team, but a very dedicated one! My manger even went out to buy wood to build the base of our “gingerbread house.” The sign reads UX Elves Workshop. Christmas themed UX posters posted on the sides of our gingerbread house, along with snow and handmade paper candies. In the center we had a beautiful silver Christmas tree, and even inflatables! Here are a few other decorations that I briefly snapped around the office. These reindeer had a little accident in the office, lol. (if you didn’t get it, “I SPY poo”) I swear just about every body in the office hung stuff from the ceiling. So unoriginal, as we were the first ones to start decorating, period. I love these blocks and the snowman in a box. Plus the monkey is just too cute. Sadly, my team didn’t win the competition. Oh well, at least we brang it!

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