Jul 242014

Hello~ As I’m typing right now, I’m sitting on the airplane on my way to San Diego for Comic Con 2014! Can’t wait till I land since I have a minor headache, hehe.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Lens Story Eye-N circle lens. These lens were sponsored by Klenspop.com.

The Lens Story Eye-N circle lens are 2 week lens. Unlike your average circle lens that lasts for a year, these are only good for 2 weeks after it’s been opened.

I personally like lens that have a shorter life span since I think it’s more sanitary and safer for your eyes to switch more frequently. You’re average non-colored contacts that are soft lens are usually disposed after 2 weeks, so I think this is very normal. If you have the money to buy daily lens, I highly recommend those as well! Check out my review for 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine and FreshLook Illuminate One-Day circle lens.

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

Each box comes with 8 lenses (4 pairs), all with the same power. Since each of my eyes have different prescription power, I had to get two separate boxes. The price for 1 box is $27.00.

With one  2-week box (4 pairs), it should last you about 2 months. The 1-day box (Acuvue and FreshLook have 15 pairs), which would only last you half a month (while costing more per box).

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

There’s nothing particularly special about the packaging. Each individual lens comes in its own container. Unlike Acuvue and FreshLook who have the lens containers joint together (forcing you to break them apart), these ones are all separated. I actually prefer them separated since it’s more convenient for me, but I can see how someone may prefer them to be joint too.

The expiration date for the Lens Story Eye-N circle lens is in 2018, giving you a significant amount of time to use. This is great for a couple of reasons: 1. Because it means that KLensPop.com isn’t selling old lens, and 2. You have plenty of time to use it.

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

The Lens Story Eye-N comes in two different designs: Brown and Black

I chose to go with Sweety Brown, because I wanted more lens that I could wear to work and look respectable in.

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

While I was photographing these lens, no matter how much I tried to focus on them, I couldn’t quite get as clear of a photo as I would have liked. But that’s when I took a closer look at the lens and realized that it was because the design isn’t as sharply pixelated as a lot of other circle lens. Somehow, the design of the Lens Story Eye-N has a softer look.

A little about the Lens Story Eye-N:

  • Brand: Lens Story
  • Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Type: 2-week disposable soft lens

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

The main problem that I tend to run into with these daily or 2-week lens is that the enlargement factor isn’t as great. These lens are no exception. The enlargement is mediocre, but somehow less noticeable for me in comparison to the daily lens. I think this is because the overall color of the lens tend to make my eyes look darker. These lens are more of a dark subtle brown color.

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

Here are some photos of my eyes under different lightings. I’ll let you guys make the call for whether or not you think these lens are good looking!

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

My conclusion: Overall, I find that these lens are very comfortable and that I have no trouble with them at all. The enlargement is acceptable for me, but I can understand if some of you think this is too small still. Color-wise, I find that these brown lens feel a little more complex than your average “give me brown eyes” circle lens. These ones look fairly natural but have little hints of beauty in it.

Lens Story Eye-N 2 Week Circle Lens (Sweety Brown) Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Color:  ★★★★☆
Enlargement: ★★★☆☆
Comfort: ★★★★★
Natural-ness: ★★ 

lens story eye-n sweety brown circle lens 2 weeks

wp-monalisa icon What’s your opinion on 2-week circle lens?

If you are interested in shopping for disposable lenses (there are 1-day, 1-week, 2-week, etc.) available on KLensPop’s website. I urge you to check them out as they are a much healthier alternative to the circle lens that you are most likely wearing right now.

Shop 2-Week circle lenses now!

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Jul 222014
Reddit Rilakkuma Gift Exchange

Recently I participated in a Reddit Gift Exchange. The theme for this gift exchange was all things Rilakkuma! … and how can I not participate? I LOVE RILAKKUMA!!  Here’s what I got from my Secret Santa. So much Rilakkuma goodness, huh?  I am having a mini-heart attack from the kawaii overload from looking at the photo above. It hurts my heart, lol. When I first opened up my package, I found this cute pink and blue Rilakkuma bag with a note and two pens taped onto it. Inside the bag were a ton of other goodies! Here’s a front view of the bag, since this is probably my favorite part out of the entire gift.  Most of the items that I got from this exchange are all stationary related. You can really never have enough stationary~ I’ll probably be using all of these things for the little notes that I write to the winners of my blog giveaways, hehe. This is a booklet that has lots of cute papers and sticky notes!  I also got two stickers and a roll of Rilakkuma print tape. Gotta figure out where I’m gonna stick these stickers!!  These are all of the writing utensils that

Jul 172014
Vassen Color's Cloud Nine Blue Circle Lens Review

Happy Thursday~ Just one more day until the weekend!  Today I am happy to share another circle lens review with you gals. I know many of the recent reviews that I’ve been doing have all been for brown lenses (since I’ve been going through a more natural looking circle lens phase due to my past wedding and current working life). But today’s is different — we are going to have a look at Vassen Color’s Cloud Nine BLUE circle lens. These lens were sponsored to me from LoveShoppingholics.com for a cosplay that I was supposed to do for AX 2014. Unfortunately, my cosplay wasn’t up to my standards and I didn’t want to wear it just yet. You’ll get a quick preview of my outfit if you scroll to the bottom of this post.  As always, Love Shoppingholics packaged my lens in a very cute secured parcel. It came with a blue circle lens case, thank you note, bubble wrapped gift box — all placed neatly inside of a kawaii clear plastic bag. Cloud Nine Blue circle lens can be bought here for $22 About the lens: Available Colors: pink, purple, brown/orange, blue, and grey Origin: Korea Brand: Vassen Color Diameter: 14.5mm Water Content: 38% Base Curve: 8.6mm Life Span: 1 year disposal**

Jul 092014
8 Fashion Essentials Every Mid-20's Woman Should Own

Hello~  Today I have for you my 8 fashion essentials that you should own if you are in your mid-20′s! First off, I want you to understand that this is a very materialist post. You can even say that it is “status” related. My opinion is that if you are in your mid-20′s, you should be at a place in life where you can afford to own each item on this list. Besides, I think you owe it to yourself because most likely you are a working woman. If you already have most of these items and you are in your early 20′s or younger, I think you’ve spoiled yourself a bit early. But I guess there’s no harm in that if you, your parents, or significant other can afford to. However, there’s more appreciation and respect when you buy things with your own income. Now let’s have a look at my superficial must have list!  #1  A Timeless Watch It’s good to be able to tell time without having to pull out your cell phone. Not only is it professional to wear a watch, but it can also be very fashionable. A woman who wears a watch, is a

Jul 042014
Happy 4th of July & Lulu Pink Circle Lens Review

!! H A P P Y . F O R T H . O F . J U L Y !! It’s Anime Expo 2014 weekend. As you are reading this post, I’m most likely at the convention or partying it up for Independence Day! Today I have a special 4th of July themed circle lens review for you. I got the Lulu Pink circle lens sponsored from Klenspop.com. Klenspop also sent me another circle lens product for review, but I won’t be posting that for another couple of weeks. Here are all of the goodies that I got from them. This lens case is something new that I don’t typically get, so I was pretty excited when I saw it. I just love that it has such a huge mirror inside, and I feel that the overall quality of this case is on par. I will most definitely be carrying this with me in my purse everywhere I go! I find it useful to carry a lens case (pre-filled with solution) and glasses with me when I go out incase I end up staying out late or sleep over at a friends place. I’m spontaneous so it’s always useful to be prepared!

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