Disneyland Paris

You know what, I think this is the most blog posts I’ve published in a long time now. It’s been fairly consistent for the last couple of weeks. I’m proud of myself, lol! The other thing is, this is the first post that I’ve ever written for any of my trips to Paris. I literally […]

Prague, Czech Republic

Time for another blog post!! Because instead of traveling on weekends, I now just play catch up on writing about past travels that I’ve gone on. Maybe I’ll actually be able to catch up for once. This week, I’ll be writing about my trip to Prague. Prague was such a fun city adventure. I’d highly […]

Ibiza, Spain

Oh gosh, where to begin. Our trip to Ibiza is definitely one for the books. I found out that a friend from college was coming to Europe, so we decided to meet her and her friends up for a weekend trip in Ibiza. Personally, I had no clue what to expect, and then quickly realized while I […]

Lockdown in Switzerland

Woah-ho-ho! It’s been some time now, hasn’t it? And meanwhile, our entire world has fallen into a pandemic. I myself have been isolated inside my apartment in Switzerland for the past 5 weeks now, going on 6 starting tomorrow! This also means that all of my travels have been put on pause for as long […]