Jan 252016

I’ve been really into foam face wash this past year. It’s the most gentle type of face wash for your skin, making it the best option. So far, Shu Uemura Porefinist Gentle Foaming Cleansing Water is the best that I’ve found.

Shu Uemura porefinist gentle coaming cleansing water

What makes this foam cleanser awesome is that:

  • It comes out foamy and stays foamy!
  • when you work the foam cleanser into your face, it lathers and feels creamy
  • the foam doesn’t go away after your start massaging it into your face like other products do
  • a little goes a long way, just one full pump needed!
  • leaves the skin feeling and looking clean without any residue
  • not drying
  • has a light smell that isn’t overbearing
  • easy to rinse off
  • works great for makeup remover when paired with a good cleansing oil
  • cleanser lasted about 5 months with daily usage

The only downside is that it costs $40, which is on the steep side… Ahhh, what to do what to do. It really is one of the best that I’ve tried, even in comparison to the Japanese market brands.

Let me know if you have any other recommendations or what you think of Shu Uemura Porefinist Gentle Foaming Cleansing Water.

Bottom line: This is the best foam cleanser that I’ve come across, but it cost $$$ 

Jan 222016
EuroTrip 2015 - Rome (3 of 6)

We arrived in Rome on November 19, 2015 at 8:30pm. It was a journey to get to our hotel. From the airport, we had to do the usual — pick up our luggages, exchange money, figure out transport, buy bus tickets, find the bus to central station, walk to the subway, figure our way over to the hotel… and of course, we exited one exit too early, and ended up walking for a bit with our luggage. What we should have done was just take a taxi instead of the subway after the bus ride. After all that, we finally got to our hotel, C’est la Vie, just a little past 11pm. Turns out that the place we were staying at was more of an Bed & Breakfast sort of spot, which was nice. Our hosts were very kind and provided us with lots of useful information. Plus they had a stocked kitchen with drinks and snacks for us, which was really great. Being that it was late, we choose to not go out our first night in Rome, but instead to rest up so that we could get an early start the next morning. Bright and early the next

Jan 202016
Corgi Corner: You Caught Me

Oh, Dumpling. I always catch her sleeping upside-down like this, and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside. You can’t help but smile at a corgi laying with their belly up. Careful now, the gif is cute but it may also cause nausea. Don’t stay I didn’t warn you. Anyways, have a happy hump day! xoxo Sarah

Jan 182016
Bioré Perfect Oil Makeup Cleanser Review Shorts

Eye makeup is difficult to remove and can really cause damage to the skin around your eyes if done improperly. I’ve found that the best way to remove eye makeup gently is to use oil makeup remover. Bioré Perfect Oil is excellent at getting the job done. If I only have eyeliner and eyeshadow on, I’ll just resort to a cotton pad soaked with liquid eye makeup remover. But if I have waterproof mascara on, I’ll use Bioré Perfect Oil instead. The best way to use the oil cleanser is to: Pump the oil into the palm of your hand Use the pad of your ring finger to massage the oil in a circular motion on and around your eyelid After massaging the oil in for a couple of minutes, your face should look somewhat muddy Continue cleansing with your routine face wash (if you have none, just rinse with lukewarm water) This oil makeup remover has lasted me quite a while. A little oil goes a long way, and most likely you won’t need to use it more than once a day, everyday of the week. I was able to use the same bottle for about a year and just finally finished

Jan 152016
Sio Brown Circle Lens Review

Today we are going to review the Sio Brown Circle Lens (available for $30 from Klenspop.com). These lens were sponsored by Klenspop.com decades ago. I’m a horrible person because… it took me ages to use these lens when I finally used them, it took me forever to edit all the photos, and I’ve had the images uploaded to my blog for a while but never got around to writing! I have so much guilt. But atlas, here I am forcing myself to make time to write it up. Hopefully their marketing team doesn’t hate me. This most likely will be my last circle lens review for a long while, so hope you enjoy! All of their lenses come in a cute box with a free contact lens case and tongs. Here’s a closer look at the lens containers themselves. Yes, please ignore my high prescription. General information on the lens: Brand: Belmore Diameter: 14.2mm Graphic Diameter: 13.0mm Base Curve: 8.7mm Water Content: 45% Life Span: 6 months (Max)** Country of Origin: Korea Colors Available: Brown, Hazel, Black ** I recommend keeping lens for only 3-4 months max Now after plopping both circle lenses into the case, we can have a closer look at the design. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a very obvious swirly motion

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