Dec 162014

Figured this would be a quick and easy post. Just wanted to briefly share with you all the pretty Christmas decorations that we have up in the Cisco office in San Jose. Recently, we had a decorating competition between the different teams.

I work in the User Experience department. We are a small team, but a very dedicated one! My manger even went out to buy wood to build the base of our “gingerbread house.” The sign reads UX Elves Workshop.

christmas at cisco

Christmas themed UX posters posted on the sides of our gingerbread house, along with snow and handmade paper candies.

christmas at cisco

In the center we had a beautiful silver Christmas tree, and even inflatables!

christmas at cisco

Here are a few other decorations that I briefly snapped around the office.

christmas at cisco

These reindeer had a little accident in the office, lol. (if you didn’t get it, “I SPY poo”)

christmas at cisco

I swear just about every body in the office hung stuff from the ceiling. So unoriginal, as we were the first ones to start decorating, period.

christmas at cisco

I love these blocks and the snowman in a box. Plus the monkey is just too cute.

christmas at cisco

Sadly, my team didn’t win the competition. Oh well, at least we brang it! Dammit, brang it isn’t a word, but you know, it just sounds right.

Alright, hope you are all having a good week so far. Just a few more days and I’ll be home sweet home in sunny LA.

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xoxo Sarah 

Dec 122014
I fax Y33 - Brown Circle Lens Review

Happy Friday~! Got another circle lens review for you girls. This one was sponsored to me by Their lenses and customer service has never disappointed me. I definitely recommend them as a good and affordable source for circle lens. The circle lens that I picked from Klenspop is the I fax Y33 in brown, available for ~$15 from their website. Along with my circle lens came a new contact case and tongs for picking up the lens. You probably know this already, but I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before. It’s very important to throw out your old contact cases as they harvest tons of bacteria. Ideally you should change them once a month, but if not, once every three months is fine. Also, tongs are a good way to try to prolong the cleanliness of your contact case. However, they are super tedious to use regularly, and aren’t very practical. I always throw out the tongs right when I get them in the mail since I don’t use them. Instead, I wash my hands with soap before dipping my finger into the case to scoop out my lens. Don’t forget, you shouldn’t be reusing your lens solution either! Shame

Dec 012014
ShaveMOB Holiday Stocking Stuffer Review

Have you girls heard of the latest feminist empowerment trend? Lots of grown women are growing out their armpit hairs and dying them all sorts of bright a** colors. It’s so revolting and unattractive that I’m not going to post the photos on my blog post, but you can view some here. Please keep your pits shaved girls, cause I don’t wanna see what your pubs look like. GROSS! If you have a friend who joined this ridiculous trend, do them a favor and get them a new razor for Christmas. How about ShaveMOB’s Stocking Stuffer? Recently I was contacted by ShaveMOB and asked to join their campaign. I usually say no, but for some reason this time I agreed. I think it’s because they are a smaller start up company and I really felt for their efforts. Plus, it seemed like they really had a good product (I was right!). **Just wanted to let you know that this is a sponsored unpaid review, and as always, all opinions are my own! So here we go. I received two types of razor blade heads. The first one is sort of your typical razor, but with 6 blades. Now that’s a

Nov 182014
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China Shopping Haul!

Hello World~ I’m back from my trip to Asia, and now it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written a blog post. Part of me feels bad for not blogging, and another part of me is sort of like F*ck it. Since I’ve returned to California, I have taken it up upon my self to take better care of my body. Currently, I do a daily 11+ step skin care routine day and night, started taking weekly yoga classes, eating more meals, and giving myself free time after work to relax through reading or gaming. I must say, it’s nice to put some effort in and pamper yourself. I think I’ve been neglecting my body for almost my entire life. Enough about my life. If you’re reading this post, you probably want to see the goods! Aimmairite?!   JAPAN HAUL d.i.a. double wild reversible jacket ma*rs lavender crystal collared knit sweater ma*rs high waisted shorts rilakkuma socks domo~kun socks uniqlo knee high socks in blue and burgundy uniqlo plaid button up shirt flag-j ankle boots rilakkuma square-ish shaped bag rilakkuma rectangular-ish shaped bag keychain mascot rilakkuma cell phone neck strap rilakkuma fabric bag domo~kun 15th anniversary sticker domo~kun 15th

Oct 032014
My New Favorite Glasses!

Happy Friday! Today’s blog post is on my newest glasses, sponsored to me by I feel like I have so many glasses now that I need a better way to organize them! Let me know if you have any tips on organizing glasses and sunglasses, hehe. The pair that I picked from Firmoo is Rena 5831 in the color blue. It used to be available for $23, but I’m sad to say that it looks like this frame is being phased out by the manufacturer or designer, so it may be harder to get a hold of. I’m so happy that I was able to get my hands on these before it happened though! These are the best fitting glasses that I’ve ever come by, no joke.  For the sake of my future self who will want the same fit again, I am going to note the sizing on these so I can find something similar: Total Width 134mm, Lens Width 53mm, Lens Height 35mm, Bridge Distance 16mm, Temple Length 139mm. As always, Firmoo glasses come with a hard case, soft case, lens cleaner, and keychain tool set. The Rena glasses themselves are made from memory plastic, making them quite

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