Sep 122014

So I participated in the Final Fantasy RedditGift exchange. It seems like Reddit and its users know exactly what I’m interested in. I also took part in a Sailor Moon exchange! But haven’t been sent anything yet… I hope my secret santa doesn’t forget…

Anyways, just wanted to do a post on what I got from the exchange.

First off, I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much Muramasaz~ I think what makes me love this gift even more is that it was handmade by my secret santa. I find it to be a very thoughtful and special gift, besides being very cool!

reddit gift exchange secret santa perler beads 8-bit final fantasy

I got 4 of these perler bead creations. These work sooo well with game characters because it really has that 8-bit goodness.

Recently I ordered some adhesive magnets so that I can stick these on my fridge. I’m happy because these make a great addition to my new apartment, and really help it come to life.

Here’s Cloud. He’s a little clunky with his super awesome huge sword, so he doesn’t stand well. But at least he will do fine as a magnet.

reddit gift exchange secret santa perler beads 8-bit final fantasy

And here’s Lightning! She’s one of my favorite female characters because she’s got a lot of punch. Not your typical female healer. Thanks so much for making her! This looks like her pose that she does after she’s defeated someone in a battle.

reddit gift exchange secret santa perler beads 8-bit final fantasy

Also, this was a surprising addition to the Final Fantasy exchange — Crono from Chrono Trigger. This sort of gives away the age of my secret santa, lol. You must be just a few years older than me! I think we could be good friends :)

reddit gift exchange secret santa perler beads 8-bit final fantasy

This one is my favorite out of the bunch, Moogle! Kupo! Hehe, I’m slightly biased because Moogle is just too cute, and transforms so well into a perler bead creation.

reddit gift exchange secret santa perler beads 8-bit final fantasy

Love getting gifts! Thanks again to my secret santa. I rated you a 10. Btw, I couldn’t stop laughing while reading your letter.

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Alright, thats all I have for today.
Take care!

xoxo Sarah

Aug 272014
Black Diamond Gyarusa @ J-Pop Summit + Signed BD Crazy Tribe CD Giveaway! (Photo Heavy)

Hello beauties!   I have a photo heavy post for you today, and a giveaway to win a signed Black Diamond CD! Details at the end of this post. Many weeks ago I had the chance to attend San Francisco’s J-Pop Summit in Japan town. The main reason I wanted to attend was so that I could see Black Diamond perform live! How amazing is that? I got the chance to see them perform two shows on two different stages. In the first show, they were wearing all different coords. In the second show, which I will show you later on, they are wearing their bright pink jumpers. The gyaru circle came all the way from Japan to be a part of this event and spread the gyaru culture. They performed a couple of their songs and also did a para para dance. At the end of their performance, they stood together on stage and sort of talked a little bit about themselves and about the meaning of the backdrop art piece that they had created on stage. Here’s a look at each of the gal’s outfit. Most of them were wearing D.I.A. branded clothing btw. I think Pomi-tan’s one was

Aug 012014
Anime Expo 2014: Fashion Show & Shops

Hello! This year I was fortunate enough to be able to get a press badge for my husband and myself to attend Anime Expo 2014. We went on Friday and Saturday. I’m actually quite behind on a lot of posts. Some things you can look forward to seeing are: J-Pop Summit ft. Black Diamond (+giveaway) Comic Con 2014 (+giveaway). With that said, let’s get on with today’s post! In this post we will focus on the AX Fashion Show & Shops. There were four brands that came over from Japan — Swankiss, KOKOkim, Ghost of Harlem, and Golds Infinity.  Swankiss  If you like Liz Lisa, you will like Swankiss’ clothes. Everything is very romantic and sweet. The designer is Saaya Hayashida, and this is their first overseas fashion show! Swankiss’ lovely shop staff. Bottom right is Sachiko, you can visit her blog here.  KOKOkim  You gotta f*cking love pink and pastels. Omg, I can’t do it, it’s too much for me. I was overwhelmed just looking at their booth, lol. I didn’t take a picture of any shop staff for KOKOkim since I didn’t see any cute dressed up ones at the time of my visit.  Ghost of Harlem  And here we have Ghost of Harlem. This brand has a very punk rock, bad

Jul 242014
Lens Story Eye-N: 2 Week Circle Lens (Sweety Brown) Review

Hello~ As I’m typing right now, I’m sitting on the airplane on my way to San Diego for Comic Con 2014! Can’t wait till I land since I have a minor headache, hehe. Today I’ll be reviewing the Lens Story Eye-N circle lens. These lens were sponsored by The Lens Story Eye-N circle lens are 2 week lens. Unlike your average circle lens that lasts for a year, these are only good for 2 weeks after it’s been opened. I personally like lens that have a shorter life span since I think it’s more sanitary and safer for your eyes to switch more frequently. You’re average non-colored contacts that are soft lens are usually disposed after 2 weeks, so I think this is very normal. If you have the money to buy daily lens, I highly recommend those as well! Check out my review for 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine and FreshLook Illuminate One-Day circle lens. Each box comes with 8 lenses (4 pairs), all with the same power. Since each of my eyes have different prescription power, I had to get two separate boxes. The price for 1 box is $27.00. With one  2-week box (4 pairs), it

Jul 222014
Reddit Rilakkuma Gift Exchange

Recently I participated in a Reddit Gift Exchange. The theme for this gift exchange was all things Rilakkuma! … and how can I not participate? I LOVE RILAKKUMA!!  Here’s what I got from my Secret Santa. So much Rilakkuma goodness, huh?  I am having a mini-heart attack from the kawaii overload from looking at the photo above. It hurts my heart, lol. When I first opened up my package, I found this cute pink and blue Rilakkuma bag with a note and two pens taped onto it. Inside the bag were a ton of other goodies! Here’s a front view of the bag, since this is probably my favorite part out of the entire gift.  Most of the items that I got from this exchange are all stationary related. You can really never have enough stationary~ I’ll probably be using all of these things for the little notes that I write to the winners of my blog giveaways, hehe. This is a booklet that has lots of cute papers and sticky notes!  I also got two stickers and a roll of Rilakkuma print tape. Gotta figure out where I’m gonna stick these stickers!!  These are all of the writing utensils that

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