Apr 272015
Best Mother's Day Gift Idea for 2015!

For 2015, I’ve decided to give my mom SOUFEEL jewelry for Mother’s Day. Usually I just get my mom something simple, like dinner or flowers. The last several years I’ve ben running out of ideas for what to give my mom. She really does have everything, and I can’t compete with my brother who always showers her with expensive purses. I can’t wait to give my mom the 925 sterling silver bracelet that I got for her from soufeel.com. The beads and charms all fit the Pandora, Chamilla bracelet as well, and at a lower price. This is by far the best Mother’s Day gift idea ever!!! Not sure if your mom is the same as mine, but she never liked anything I got her when I was a kid. She always told me that I should save my money and stop wasting it on useless gifts for her. I’m thinking she said that when I was younger because my money wasn’t hard-earned like it is now… Who knows though!? I never asked her. I have a good feeling she will like this years gift. When I first received my package, I got the charms and beads each individually packaged in separate

Apr 242015
The Bridesmaid Dress that Fits All

When planning for your own wedding, part of the excitement is shopping for dresses! However, if you have a bunch of bridesmaids, sometimes it can be difficult to coordinate them with what to wear. As we all know, bridesmaids (and just women in general), come in all different shapes and sizes. To make things even more complicated, every woman has their own fashion taste too! Coco Melody.com is an online store that was founded by Miranda over 15 years ago, in hopes of providing brides with the gowns of their dreams, that are not only high quality, but also affordable. Something I really love and admire about Coco Melody is that they have a history and seem to really care about their customers. So how exactly can you accommodate everyone’s different bridesmaid dress preference? Interestingly enough, I’ve discovered that Coco Melody has designed a bridesmaid dress that fits all.  There’s a neat website that shows a video clip of each different dress styles if you mouse over them. I highly recommend checking it out here. Each of these dresses can be customized in so many different ways… Pick your fabric: Satin, Chiffon, Taffeta, Organza, Elastic Satin, Elastic Silk like Satin Then choose a color: For

Apr 212015
Evening Dresses to Wear to a Friend's Wedding

Recently, three of my close friends got engaged. First one was Vivian, my old childhood best friend. Next was Allison, whose relationship I’ve seen grow since day 1. Finally, there’s Jennie, who I just helped throw an engagement party for. I’m so happy for you guys, and even more excited for each of your weddings. It will be one of the best days of your life, at least that’s how mine was. I’m finally at the age where it seems like everyone is making the move towards tying the knot. It’s a blessing to witness the union of two hearts, but also a curse to my wallet. I swear it’s eating at my savings account, especially since I have to usually fly into town for the wedding! Nonetheless, I still enjoy weddings. Something fun about weddings is that it gives me the opportunity to wear evening dresses. I’m actually attending a wedding next month for my sorority pledge mom, Kerry. I’ve been thinking a lot about what dress to wear. Lately, I’ve been looking at sexy evening dresses from WeddingShe.com, a online store that offers a wide range of trend-setting dresses for affordable prices. I’ve picked out a few of my

Apr 152015
Coachella 2015 Outfit Inspirations

I’m actually supposed to be at Coachella for weekend 2 this year, but turns out that I accidentally double booked myself. The exact same weekend, I have tickets for Star Wars Celebration (convention). I love Star Wars too much, and it’s not often that the convention comes around to Southern California (it moves from city to city each year). Plus the new Star Wars movie is coming out! Even more reason to go – Coachella can wait another year. Part of me is torn that I’m not going to get to go to Coachella since I did build up the expectation that I’d be attending. At least I can still have half the fun by picking out some outfits that I could have worn. In this post I’ve come up with 3 outfit inspirations, one for each day of the event. All of my items featured below are available from rue21.com, a trendy and affordable fashion store located around the US and online. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s sort of similar to Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or Wet Seal. Anyways, on to the fun stuff! DAY 1 – Friday A simple and “fresh” black crop top with high waisted denim shorts, paired with silver earrings and rings would look

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