Goodbye Hairs.. Again

I just bought another laser hair removal deal from Groupon. This one is for the Fix Laser Skin Center in Glendale. For $97 you can get laser hair-removal treatments on a small (6-treatments on two small areas), medium (5-treatments on one medium area), or large (3-treatments on one large area) area. Or you can pay $299 for 3-treatments on both legs (I dont think this one is worth it). But $97 for two small areas (6 sessions each) is an amazing deal! However, there are no areas that I have no treat for the small areas anymore.. I bought my deal so that I can use it for my lower arms (which includes hands/fingers too!). The only thing is it is only for 5 sessions, but I figured that I don’t really care for ALL of the hair to be removed, I just want there to be a lot less of it. Actually I don’t have too much hair there to begin with, so I am hoping it will be fine. I write again later once I have had my first couple of sessions!

Check out the deal for yourself! It ends in about 9 hours, so hurry up and get yours soon!

VIEW DEAL NOW (deal expired)

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