Suisse Cellular Vital Eye Cream Review

Suisse Programme is a skin care brand based in Switzerland. They offer a large variety of skin care products both for men and women. The Suisse Cellular Vital Eye Cream was the first product of theirs that I have ever tried. Honestly, the only reason why I am trying this product is because I got it as a sample from! Lol, and looking at the actual prices for all of the Suisse products, I am not too sure that I would buy any because they are ex-pen-sive!

suisse cellular vital eye cream
What the product does…
Helps to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes and reduce premature aging, making the skin smooth and resilient.

How to use…
After washing your face, apply cream all over the eyes with your fingertips. Smooth the cream over your eyes moving from the inside of your eyes out. Continue to lightly massage until the cream has been absorbed into your skin. Do this process once in the morning and again at night.

My thoughts…
The sample pack of Suisse Cellular Vital Eye Cream lasted me exactly 3 days (morning and night). Over the course of the 3 days, I have noticed that the skin around my eyes are now softer and smoother. When using the cream, it looks like any other ordinary white colored lotion. However, upon application, you will notice that the cream is VERY hydrating. Every time I apply the cream, I feel as if I am covering the area around my eye with a thick layer of moisture (which is a good thing). My skin did not have any bad reactions to the cream either, and it didn’t cause me to break out. The eye cream isn’t really thick, but isn’t thin either. I would compare the eye cream texture to be similar to that of Oil of Olay, except less oily and more moisturizing. This is a good product and it does what it claims to do. It’s even better if you are like me and wear eye makeup everyday. Sometimes all of that makeup and having to use eye makeup remover everyday gets exhausting on our fragile skin around the eyes. You need a product like this if you use eye makeup regularly.

Suisse Programme Cellular Vital Eye Cream Rating: ★★
– not cheap and a bit more difficult to find online
– a good product worth trying
– it really works to soften and smooth the skin around your eyes
– i would love to try this product again for longer
– doesn’t irritate the skin or cause break outs
– easy to use

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