Forever 21: Floral Finds

I bought a couple of floral outfits from Forever 21 not too long ago, and I never got a chance to show you guys. Here are the two items that I bought.

colorful and bright, ready for the summer
easy to pair with a simple top
can be worn high waisted or hidden under a longer tank top
easily help adds a little flare to your outfit

i’ve actually worn this dress several times already and love it so much
very pretty without looking like you are trying too hard
looks amazing when worn with heels
be careful that you don’t step on the dress when going up/down stairs
very slimming
nice pattern, color, and design

Anyways, these are somethings that I got recently. You will probably see photos of me wearing the long dress in upcoming posts. So stay tuned!

 Do you like floral outfits? If so, why?

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