Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Color+Care Nail Polish Review

I bought these Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Color+Care nail polishes from CVS for about ~$6 each. This particular line of nail polishes has 8 different colors. The other colors that I like are satin and sea, but I already have colors similar to those. I’ve been wanting these pastel colors for a while now, and I finally got them. I’ve been on a nail polish shopping frenzy  lately because I bought a crazy nail polish rack from Amazon about a month ago. I’ll share it with you once I’ve amassed a worthy enough collection to share.

What Sally Hansen has to say about their Smooth & Perfect Color+Care line: “This breakthrough nail color hides ridges and imperfections with a breathable porcelain-smooth finish. Enhanced with ginseng, camelia oil and lotus to promote stronger, healthier nails.”

One thing that I’ve always liked about Sally Hansen is that they always strive to create products that are healthy for you. Their nail polishes always have some sort of supplement to them such as strengthening your nails. I think of this as a plus because I always grow my nails super long and I need that.


I think these nail polishes are cute and clean looking. Each nail polish contains 0.45 fluid ounces of pastel color.

The two colors that I got are Air (sky blue color) and Whisper (light purple color). The blue has a hint of silvery metallic shine to it, while the purple has a hint of yellow metallic shine to it. Just the perfect amount of shine has been added to these colors! PERFECTION!

I like the brush for this nail polish very much. It’s wider than your average nail polish brush, allowing for better application and a smoother finish. The only thing you have to be careful about is accidentally loading the brush with too much nail polish color, thus creating a giant puddle on your nail that you can’t fully use!

One thing to note about Sally Hansen’s Smooth and Perfect nail polish line is that you will need at least 3 coats of polish to get the bottle’s color. If you don’t, you will end up with a opaque color that’s not quite there yet… I’m not particularly fond of these types of nail polishes that involve several coats because (1) you waste more polish, (2) you waste time, (3) there is a higher chance of fudging up your nails while waiting for them to dry! BUT, I do think that it is good to have some opaque nail polishes in your collection for the sake of creating different types of nail styles (ex. gradients, layering/mixing colors).

Here is something simple that I did with my nail polishes. I first put 3 coats of blue on all of my nails. Then I put 1-2 coats of purple on ever other nail. The end result was a really nice mix of purple-y blues and blue-y purples that remind me of those skittle mints.. do you remember those?

One thing that ever so slightly bothered me with these nail polishes is that it created tiny.. super tiny bubbles. I don’t even know if you can see them in the photo above, but I wished that they didn’t dry with those there! I’m really good at applying nail polish too, so I know that this should not happen! But then again, it really is hardly noticeable.. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Here are some hand/nail shots of the Air blue nail polish…

And here are some of the Whisper purple nail polish…

After having used both of these nail polishes for a couple of weeks, I have to say that I am pretty impressed. These nail polishes lasted a good week without any ware and tear. I literally had my hands in a salt water fish tank for 3+ hours and the nail polish was barely affected. Furthermore, after I removed the nail polish with my nail polish remover, I found that my nails looked really healthy! In fact, they looked healthier than they did before I used the polish. Surprising huh? I really do believe that this nail polish allows for a maximum amount of breathing for your nails. This is a major plus for those of us who are a little lazier and don’t change out our nail colors often.

 What do you think? Which color do you like more?

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Color+Care Nail Polish Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ (I’m a tough critic… This really does deserve a 4.7/5 to be exact)

  • Dry time is on the slower side, but if you don’t overload your nail with wet polish, the wait time shouldn’t be long at all
  • Polish is opaque, so you need 3+ coats to create the bottle color
  • These polishes are affordable and there are several cute colors
  • These have to be one of the healthiest nail polishes that I’ve ever used, my nails looked better than ever after I removed the nail polish
  • Minimal chipping, even after soaking my hands in a saltwater fish tank for hours!
  • Opaque color allows for you to create different nail styles and colors
  • Tiny little bubbles might show on your nail, but no biggie, you probably wont even notice it
  • The colors have a subtle metallic color to it, but very very subtle.. just perfect in my opinion
  • I would totally buy more colors

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