Naughty or Nice Giveaway (Expired)

Since it is the season for giving, I have another lovely giveaway for all of you… my Naughty or Nice Giveaway! There will be two lucky winners… Have you been naughty or nice this year?


wp-monalisa icon What’s Up for Grabs:

Win one of two prize packages that I’ve personally put together for all Xlicious Girl blog readers!

Naughty Prize Pack Includes:

  • e.l.f. Smoky Eyes Beauty Book (6 eyeshadows, 1 eyelid primer, 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 eyeshadow applicator)
  • Koji Spring Heart false eyelashes (contains 2 pairs)
  • 3 e.l.f. nail polishes (glittery gold, brown, dark glittery purple)
  • 3 PA Mon Dear Laura nail stickers
  • bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum sample
  • bareMinerals medium beige foundation sample
  • black bead necklace

Nice Prize Pack Includes:

  • e.l.f. Natural Eyes Beauty Book (6 eyeshadows, 1 eyelid primer, 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 eyeshadow applicator)
  • deicy leopard print mirror (two full mirrors inside, magnified and regular)
  • Dolly Wink No. 3 Natural Girly false eyelashes (contains 2 pairs)
  • JAQUA Buttercream Frosting Luscious Lotion sample
  • 3 PA Mon Dear Laura nail stickers
  • PA false nail set with rabbits, flowers, and rhinestone design
  • pink bead necklace


wp-monalisa icon Giveaway Details:

Giveaway Ends: January 4, 2012 (Official time: 01/05/12 @ 12:00AM PST)
Winners: Two (2) winners will be picked at random & notified via email on January 5th. (you must respond within 2 days or else a new winner will be chosen)
Details: This giveaway is open to everyone around the world.

How to Enter: For one entry, simply leave a comment with your name, email, blog (if applicable), and pick naughty or nice.
Extra Easy Entries: 
Follow on Twitter (+1 entry), Instagram (+1 entry), Facebook (+3 entry), or Bloglovin’ (+1 entry). Re-tweet my giveaway on Twitter (+2 entry). On your blog sidebar, post a link to my giveaway (+2 entry) or post my giveaway banner linking to my giveaway (+3 entries) until the giveaway ends. Publish a blog post on your blog about my giveaway using my giveaway image and link it back to my giveaway (+5 entries). 



wp-monalisa icon Enter Here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck everyone!
Please email me if you have found any problems with entering the giveaway.

123 Comment

  1. I think I’ve been nice this year, but I like the naughty pack better!

    <3 Melissa

  2. I love the nice pack, although I don’t know if I deserve it x3

  3. Naughty 🙂

  4. Naughty heck yeah >D

  5. I’m not comfortable exposing my name (sorry!) so for now call me gusta 🙂
    Nice! 🙂

  6. I’d like the naught one please 🙂

  7. I prefer nice prize pack 😉

  8. What a beautiful giveaway! Lol, I think I may have been more naughty than nice this year T_T
    I’ll try harder to be nice next year! I prefer the nice giveaway too – I’m really into leopard print at the moment!

    Tulip Love

  9. I love the nice pack! :3 such pretty false nails! Another really awesome giveaway 😀

  10. name: Priscilla P
    email: sugoidesuyo(at)gmail(dot)com
    I love the “nice” prize pack!
    I’d like to think I was mostly nice this year… ^_^

  11. I have been a little naughty and a little nice but I prefer the naughty prize 😉

    my email: oohladybegood(at)

  12. I think I’ve been both nice and naughty, but I love the naughty one ^^

    name: Fanny
    email: fanny.stenstrom[at]

  13. I’ve been nice for most of the year but a little bit naughty too 😀 I prefer the Nice prize

  14. I think I’d go with the naughty one ;D
    Name: Becca
    My blog is
    Thanks for the opportunity! 😀

  15. Ummm,I think I’ve been both but most ppl would see me as a nice one,the only person that think I’m naughty might be my bf XD

    I’d prefer naughty one.

    1. Name:Sana

  16. Thank you so much sweetie! I only have my birthday cake at Saturday 😀
    Great giveaway..
    definitely the naughty one!

    Name:Sara Lopes


  17. OF COURSE im joining, sarah! thank you!
    name: rhea
    prize choice: NICE one! ^^

    hope i am lucky! xoxo

  18. I’m trying to be nice girl.. But I think I’m still have naughty side.. :p
    I prefer the naughty prize 😀

    thanks for the giveaway ^^

  19. name – anya
    email –
    blog –

    I would like to win a nice pack~thank you^^

  20. Wow your giveaway is so damn cool 🙂
    I think I’m a naughty girl ;D
    Name: Kaddy

    *hope to win*

  21. Miki S. (Mikichigo)

    I suppose…I would pick Nice. xD But Naughty is great too. :3

  22. I think I’m nice this year!^^ but the naughty prize’s great too!!^^


  23. I’ve been nice as always, but i’d prefer to win the naughty price ^_^

  24. OMG such wonderful cute prizes I’d love to have the nice prize ^^

  25. Jojo
    I’ve been nice this year, so, I would love the nice prize plz?

  26. Hello Sarah ^^ I’m joining your giveaway ^^

    name: patricia lee
    prize choice: NICE prize pack ^^

    1. I think I’ve been nice this year, I forgot to tell you ^^

  27. Naughty this year but not because I wanted to.

  28. i’ve been nice this year. and that’s the prize package i would like to get

  29. I’d love to win the naughty set!! XD
    Name: Momo

  30. I think i’ve been nice this year. but thats just my thought. I dont know if people might think ive been naughty xD but i love to get naughty set!

    visit my blog ^^

  31. Hm, they’re both very nice prizes, but I think I prefer the Naughty one… ( > w<)/
    Ehehe! ^^

  32. I’m nice int his year but i like the baughty pack ^^

  33. im nice at this year , i want the nice beauty pack

  34. Like the nice pack better^^

  35. Definitely naughty! 😉

  36. love the nice pack..^^ hope i win it!!

  37. What an awesome giveaway for the holidays!

    Name: Sachiko
    Prize: Nice pack please! 🙂

  38. I’m always nice every year ^.^
    I like both gifts, so it’s hard to pick one! I’ll go with number one though so I can try the Bare Minerals samples!

  39. well i guess NAUGHTY! heheh :3
    that’s such a nice giveaway, thank you my dear xxx
    ♥ ♥

  40. cool girl! and i guess im a nice girl;)

  41. I think I’ve been quite nice this year, but I’d rather win the naughty prize haha Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    Name: Daniela

  42. Steady~I’m nice this year~ ^_^

  43. They’re both great, but I like Naughty the best 😉

  44. Totally the Naughty pack!

  45. I’ve tried to be nice but being naughty is more fun – so I’d like the naughty pack 😉
    craftgirl83 (at) yahoo (dot)com

  46. Name: Megha
    I would choose Nice but Naughty is also drool worthy 🙂

  47. Name Natasha
    I’d choose naughty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. GFC Natalia Afonina
    I’d choose naughty))

  49. i like the NICE! + i’ve been very nice this year?

  50. I’d love to have the nice pack 🙂

  51. Naughty! 🙂

  52. can’t really say which one 😛
    i’d love a surprise gift this year!something unexpected

  53. I’ve been naughty 🙁 but i like the nice package!

  54. I’ve been very nice this year and I want this prize =)

  55. I’ve been nice this year but I choose naughty for the prize 🙂

  56. I’ve been a little naughty and a little nice I choose the naughty prize

    Name: lala

  57. I’ve been nice, but I’d love the naughty prize! They’re both lovely.

  58. Nice of course! ;p
    I would be happy with either prize but the naughty looks more tempting!

  59. I’ve been mostly naughty, a kiss of nice c;

  60. i have been naughty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i prefer naughty prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I love the nice pack because i think i’m nice person this years ^^

    Thankyou for this lovely giveaway! ^^

  62. I have been nice this year 🙂 and I prefer nice pack 😉 thank you for this amazing giveaway ! ><
    Jennifer Chendrawira

  63. I have been nice this year and i would like to win the nice 🙂

  64. i was very good girl, i would like to win 1th 🙂

  65. I think I behaved well this year .. He loved to earn Naughty Prize Pack

  66. Isabel Almeida says: Reply

    i’m nice girl :b i prefer the prize 1 😀

  67. Sarah Maldonado says: Reply

    I have definitely been naughty this year.

  68. awesome giveaway! Loving the nice prize pack

  69. I have been nice this year but I like the naughty prize pack!

  70. I love the nice prize
    Enter my dress and make-up goodies giveaway here: My first Giveaway

  71. I have been break the family rules, that must be a teacher. But i dont wanna be a teacher.
    Yeah, half of naughty, half of nice.. 😀

    I like nice prize.. 🙂

    Btw, nice giveaway..
    Wish me luck.,

    Dyah Ayu Nurinda Shabrina

  72. I love the naughty prize pack 🙂

    My email

  73. Oneila vicki byrd says: Reply

    Trying to be nice but I think more on the naughty side

  74. Nice and nice proze pacl

  75. Ashima Gupta
    I’ve been very naughty this year :D, so yes I’d love to win the naughty giveaway 😛

  76. I’ve been realy nice, never broke any rule at home, i was good to all my friends .. LOL

    The nice pack is my fav.

  77. I wanna win naughty pack 😉

  78. Laura Carneiro de Azevedo says: Reply

    Naughty hehe
    i want the naughty prize

  79. lol i havent been nice the whole year 🙂 n yes i like naughty pack

  80. i’ve been pretty nice i think 😉 i love makeup/girly giveaways! 🙂

  81. I would really like to win the naughty prize pack because I was naughty 😉

  82. I have been nice but I want the naughty pack

  83. mary fanara coleman says: Reply

    I like the naughty prize pack….although I’ve been good.

  84. krista grandstaff says: Reply

    I think I’ve been nice, but I’m sure others would disagree 😉 The Naughty pack is awesome…love those smoky eyes!!

  85. I like Nice Prize Pack Includes ^^

  86. I have been naughty! 😀

  87. I’ve been nice this year but I want the Naughty prize))

  88. I’ve been good this year but the naughty pack is so awesome! ^__^

  89. i have been naughty!

  90. i’ve been nice! i like the nice pack

  91. I’m joining your giveaway

    name: anjarsari widyastuti

    prize choice: Naughty prize pack

  92. I’ve been naughty! 😛

  93. Others may think I’ve been naughty, but… I think I’ve been pretty nice ^^

  94. mitchellina metta says: Reply

    nice prize! 🙂

    name, FB, and GFC : mitchellina metta
    twitter : @mitchellinaa

  95. Pelin Yılmazer says: Reply

    Pelin Yılmazer

    I was Naughty 😉

  96. Nice.. would love either pack… they are both fantastic!!

  97. I think I’ve been nice.. I like both packs though 🙂

  98. nice 🙂

  99. I’ve been pretty nice. The nice pack looks cute, too!

  100. natalie nichols says: Reply

    I’ve been nice, but I like the naughty pack!

  101. I have been nice and i would prefer NICE Prize 😉

  102. I love the naughty prize pack 😉
    Email :

  103. I have been nice this year but would like the naughty prize pack

  104. Sarah, I joined in few days ago, but my rafflecoopter can’t find my points now!! so im joining again ok? T__T

    i want the nice prize 😀

  105. Absolutely! I prefer the nice one 😛

  106. Naughty!

  107. i’ve been nice, but i’d love the naughty set!

  108. i prefer the nice one! 🙂

  109. Hi – great blog! Love the NYE pics 🙂
    I think I have been a good girl this year so I will say that I probably need the “Naughty” prize to balance me out a bit 😉

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