BirchBox + February Giveaway (Expired)

Yay! This is my first BirchBox post and also my first giveaway from my new mini-giveaway series! Here is the box that I got for December. Let’s check it out!

One thing that I noticed about BirchBox is that they really have the packaging down. All I did was slice open the tape on the packaging and BOMB! It popped open and there it was, my december BirchBox package.

To get to my box, I had to slide off another wrapping…

Woohoo! And now we are finally at the box. What a journey. This is their box design for December, it’s kinda Christmasy isn’t it?

After I tugged off the lid, I found a welcome note (since this was my first box ever).

Under my welcome note was some tissue paper. I opened up the tissue paper and there were all of my goodies!  Now lets have a closer look at what came inside of the box.

ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss $16.00 – This has almost a perfect 5 stars and 908 reviews on BirchBox. It also comes with a little mirror on the side of it, good for putting on lip gloss on the go. I heard that this lip gloss has the perfect amount of color, shine, and isn’t sticky. I haven’t used it or tried it, but I think it’s my favorite item out of everything in the box. But guess what, I’m giving this away to you guys! Enjoy~ lol, I’m a little sad to give it away, but I think it would make someone else I lot happier anyways.

Tili bag small $8.49 – A colorful plastic bag to put your makeup or toiletries in for when you travel. Gift Card $50 – You get $50 in credit to rent clothes from this website. Basically you can borrow jewelry, designer dresses, and more for a fraction of the retail value. So if you have a special event where you want to wear a stunning $500 dress, you can rent it instead from this website. They even give you everything you need to mail back the stuff you rented. No need to wash or dry clean either, they do it all for you.

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment $19.00 – This product looks pretty promising. I am always looking for good hair products since I do a lot of damage to my hair all the time. 12 Benefits’ hair treatment is a leave-in conditioning mist that delivers a bunch of benefits to dry hair, giving it more vibrant colors and also by preventing further damage.

My last couple of items came wrapped up in another package. Hehe, I love opening up packages. Inside I found…

Harvey Prince Yogini Perfume Sample – Has a sophisticated scent that is meant to help you relax. The blend supposedly elevates your mood and has oils that counteract stress. “It’s the fragrance equivalent of yoga class.”

Twistband Hair Tie $1.50 – This is the only thing in the entire box that I have used so far. It claims to prevent creasing in the hair when you tie up a ponytail… LIES! My hair still gets a little indented. It is better than a normal hair tie, but I just can’t seem to justify the price of it. And they say it looks stylish on your wrist, I disagree. I feel like I can make this myself. Oh but it is a nice change to the traditional elastic hair ties and does look nice in your hair.

Overall, BirchBox isn’t exactly all that I was expecting. But I guess for only $10/month, it is worth it. I just don’t see the point of throwing $10 out every month for stuff that you most likely don’t need. In my case, this is good since I have a blog, but otherwise, unless you have the money to spare, I would suggest saving it.

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  1. On your blog, I would like to see less ragging on the worthlessness of christmas presents ; ; You break my heart, you know.

    1. lol! thanks for the present hayley! hahahaha~ maybe you can win your gift back <3

  2. I commented with a wrong link and tried to delete it, now I dunno if it got deleted or not WAAA ><

    I would like to see more geeky posts, like the dragon one :3
    (Okay if cannot do those, fashion posts are great too )
    Instagram : @rocketraptor
    Lara Takahashi


    Ps. My blog has move and is now over here :

    1. hi lara! thanks for entering and letting me know where your new blog is located! 😀
      ahhh i will try to do more geeky posts for you. lolll i’m not sure if i have enough content to do a full post though (maybe in the future). haha. oOo but i am going to try to learn elvish!

  3. Alena Belausava says: Reply

    Hi Sarah! My name’s Alena Belausava and I’ve been following you on FB for a while but never had a chance to visit your blog(you know this blogo-mania, trying to follow more blogs and actually being able to grasp none)
    My contact email is
    I looooved your lenses reviews, the ones I usually see are rather dull, but you show them in different types of light and your “camera whoring photos” show what the lenses actually look like irl. And the other reviews in your blog are also cool as you’re telling the truth about the products, your skin and so on. So more lenses, reviews and of course soul and personality, as for me these are the 2 things that make following a blog great!
    My instagtam is @alenabelausava (yeah, it’s empty, I’m actually a stone-age girl ^__^)
    So fingers crossed 🙂
    btw is there a way to follow you via e-mail(yep, I’m just prehistoric)?

    1. thanks for the feedback alena~ haha your so cute! i really appreciate it 🙂
      good luck to you on the giveaway!

      also if your looking to follow view email, i think you can do it here:

  4. Thanks for another awesome giveaway! I’d love to see some of your favorite nail polish swatches, I’m a polish addict =D Here’s my info…
    Tami Willis
    tami.willis at
    instagram: tami_willis

    1. i think i can do that!! hahaha. maybe i’ll show you guys my nail polish stuff… i have so much of it >.<

  5. First of all, I want you to know that I super love your blog 🙂 What I would like to see more is cute and girly posts. I would also like to see fashion post and beauty tips and tutorials for me to know. 🙂

    Name: Danica Marie P. Abrigo
    Instagram: @iluvmeow
    FB Name: Menchit Pampolina Abrigo (already liked your FB fanpage :))

    1. awww you don’t know how much your comment makes me feel all happy inside. hahaha. i’m so lame~ but yes! gahh~ tutorials are so time consuming but i do wanna do some. i’m trying to hopefully do my first youtube tutorial sometime in the near future *crosses fingers*

      as for fashion posts.. haha i’ll try! i really will.. thx for the feedback, gl!

  6. Jenna Dillon
    I love your product reviews, I cannot get enough of them and your personal posts, you are super cute! 🙂
    instagram: jenna_cat

    1. awww thanks so much jenna! haha i have TONS of products to review. omg. and i’m happy that you enjoy my personal posts 🙂

  7. I would like to see more product review posts, and favorites kind of posts .

    I follow ur blog via wordpress.
    I already liked ur facebook page as Sadia Latif
    I am sorry i dont use instagram . ( am i still eligible for this giveaway ?? )

    email :


    Thankss alot

    1. hey sadi! i can do that, more product review posts are on their way for sure! and i’ll try to put together a favorite products post just for you 😉
      you should get an instagram account! its so much fun and i’m totally addicted >.<*

  8. Thanks for an awesome giveaway! I would love to see more outfit posts. 😀

    Name – Tabby Lewis
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    1. i’ll try my best to post more outfit related posts!! i’m not very good at this one for sure.

  9. mitchellina metta says: Reply

    name : mitchellina metta
    email :
    liked your fb page, fb name : mitchellina metta
    sorry I don’t have instagram 🙁 can I still join ? 🙁

    i’d like to see more review, haul, and tutorial
    totally love your blog! <3
    and you're so generous and kind to host a LOT of giveaway~ :3

    1. since you’ve taken the time to come to my blog and enter regardless.. i’ll find a way to enter you, but still make it fair for others <3 thanks!!

  10. Hello,
    I’ll try again.
    GFC soniatortora
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    I could see in your blog more make up proves!!!

    1. thanks for entering sonia!!

  11. your blog is fantastic.
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    Bye dear.

    1. thanks for entering maria!

  12. Your blog is TOO cute! (: happy to have found you through the linkup!
    I would love to see review posts.

    Name: Labibah
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    Thank you 🙂

    1. i have plenty of review posts coming~ haha got that one covered! thanks!

  13. wow.awesome giveaway dear:)

    Name: Kamila
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    I would like to see a beauty “tips and tricks” post 🙂

    1. thanks for entering kamila!

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    I would LOVE to see some more hauls or NOTD posts! 🙂

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  15. I would love to see more of product reviews and makeup tutorials in your blog.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

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    1. thanks for entering Fitri!

  16. Hi! I’d love to see more FOTD, DIY and some nail art tutorials! 🙂
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    1. thanks for entering afiah!

  17. I love what you are doing on your blog! I love the FOTDs!! Great Giveaway!

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  18. Name: Jessi lestari

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    1. hi cathy! thanks for entering!

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    1. thanks merry~ good luck!

  21. I would love to see more nail polish reviews! Thx for opening the giveaway to international
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    1. thanks for enterying, tania!

  22. name: Stefany
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    1. hi stefany! thanks for entering~

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    1. good luck dinda!

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    1. best of luck to you sinta~

  25. Cherie Montorio says: Reply

    I would like to see more beginner nail art tutorials.
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    1. i’ll try to put up some beginner nail art tutorials in the future! thanks and good luck!

    2. Congrats Cherie! Your a lucky girl. I just sent you an email about your winnings. Please respond back within 48 hours! Thanks <3

  26. I just stumbled across your facebook and it lead me here!!
    Must say it’s a pretty neat blog!! Very varied topics I like!!
    Name – Louisa
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    Instrgram – I don’t have /_\

    Loving reading your blogs xx

    1. hi louisa! thanks for entering. its ok that you dont have instagram, it seems that others entered without instagam as well. so i’ll figure out a way to make it fair for everyone who entered. thanks <3

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