Video: OOTD + BirchBox + May Giveaway (Expired)


So I’ve always wanted to create a YouTube video, and I’ve finally mustered up enough courage to record one. I can’t tell you how nervous I was recording and how many times I’ve blanked out with nothing to say.

I came out pretty dumb in my video… But I think I’ll get better with more practice? Please don’t make fun of me, lol. I’m shy and I don’t really mean the things I said entirely in the video.

I just happened to blurb out a bunch of randomness! 

If you’ve been following my BirchBox Mini-Giveaway Series, you would know that this is my 4th giveaway out of 6 that I am hosting (one per month). If you would like to read more on my ongoing giveaway series, view my post here.

Now onto the video! In this video, I will…

  • tell you a little tiny tiny bit about myself
  • talk about my on-going  giveaway to those who don’t know about it
  • go through what’s in the box & what’s up for grabs
  • do a random outfit post (skip to time 2:57)

If you are lazy and you don’t wanna watch my video, you can see what’s in the box down below here.

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (Full-size $38)
This SPF 15 oil-free tinted moisturizer blends in beautifully to even out skin and control shine.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara (Full-size $28)
Steal the proverbial spotlight with this volumizing mascara. The glossy formula lifts and defines each lash for screen siren effects.

SKIN&Co Roma Cleansing Body Gel with Olive & Sicilian Orange Extracts (Full-size $17.50)
You won’t be able to go back to regular soap after trying this freshly scented, antioxidant-packed shower gel from Rome.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (Full-size $34)
This exfoliating cleanser uses professional-grade microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten skin.

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling (Full-size “priceless” lol jk)
Deliciousness in a bite size package. All for me and none for you, muhahahaha.

 How to Enter
Leave a comment with the following:

For more info on my ongoing BirchBox Mini-Giveaway Series click here.

Thanks everyone for reading (or watching) and participating! Good luck!
xoxo Sarah

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  1. Name: Danica Marie P. Abrigo
    What YouTube video should I film next?: About your beauty regimens 🙂
    Youtube Account:
    FB: Menchit Pampolina Abrigo

    1. thanks for your input! i’ve made a post it with all the suggestions.. time to start filming something!! >.<

  2. If you hadn’t taken the chocolate I would have entered this.

    You should make more videos, I miss your face. Also, hah, Erick 😛

    1. hahaha ur so silly~ i miss u

  3. Name: Annabelle Gonzalez, call me bella ^^ my youtube channel is frostylala141
    You should make a fashion vid, Outfits of the week or something :3
    I subbed your youtube channel and i cant like your FB I dont have fb. :D\
    XOXO, Bella

    1. hey thanks! i’ll try to squeeze in some outfit posts in the future. maybe at the end of each video or something like how i did in my first video 🙂

  4. coco collins says: Reply

    I think you should do a video on some of your favorite products. And you did great on your video. Keep them coming!!

    1. thanks so much! u dont know how happy that makes me 🙂

  5. Please film a foundation routine!

    1. hmmm.. i think i can do a foundation routine~ i’ve done lots of posts in the past.. but yea, maybe i’ll try a video too!

  6. I liked you on facebook as “Sadie Santianni” and on Youtube as MadameSlam!! Also followed this blog. Super excited for the giveaway!

    1. thanks for entering! haha i know my comments late and i already picked a winner… but really, thanks for the support! theres another giveaway at the end of this month 🙂

  7. Anna Choo!
    you should do hauls! maybe a summer bag haul 🙂

    1. yea! great idea! hahaha i think i can do that!

  8. mitchellina metta says: Reply

    hi! ^^
    let me enter it again~ 😀

    name : mitchellina metta
    email :
    youtube : mitchellina metta
    fb : mitchellina metta

    I think it’d be fun to watch you make a makeup tutorial! 🙂 I always like to watch makeup tutorial, so I can improve my makeup skill and add a knowledge about makeup products 🙂

    Thanks for the giveawaySS ( wearing S since you really do a lot – every month!! ) ^^
    and May box contains lancome mascara, which I have been raved for!!
    wish me luck this month ya 😉 thanks <3

    1. OMG!!! yay! I’m so happy you won this month! 😀 Lucky #8!!! <3

      Sending you an email soon!!

  9. Rachael Juedes says: Reply

    name- Rachael Juedes
    contact email-
    What YouTube video should I film next? A summer haul
    Subscribed to youtube channel- Aliesiar
    Liked on FB- Rachael Juedes

    1. ahhh.. it really is summer almost huh? seems like im getting lots of summer type video suggestions

  10. You’re so cute on vid 😀
    For the giveaway:
    contact email :
    Please film something in your surroundings.. anything 😀 I like to see places abroad 🙂
    Subscribed as Lara Lizard (youtube name : Killerbathduck (lol :D)
    I like you on FB as Lara Takahashi :3

    1. hahahaha ok. maybe i’ll take a camera outside sometime and film as i walk around or something. we’ll see.. that will probably be a while from now tho ^^

  11. Name : Kai
    Email : ec1nreblee[at]gmail[dot]com
    Video : Summer essentials
    YT : ec1nreblee
    FB : Kai Lee

    1. great idea, thanks!!

  12. name: Jasmin E.
    contact email: cr4mpz @
    FB: Bat Evans

    Thanks for the giveaway. I think your next video should be either your beauty routine or an OOTD!

    1. i like the idea of a beauty routine! but ootd is great also, since it’s fairly easy to do i think.. 😀

  13. name/FB: lie-ying
    contact email:
    answer the question: “What YouTube video should I film next?” I would love to see a hair or smokey eyes tutorial! ^___^
    Youtube: LYGx_
    Wow such a great box this month! I absolutely love Lancôme mascaras, I am an asian and I don’t really have that long lashes and I always use Lancôme mascaras for more volume and they really help, they are amazing! Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

    1. ahhh tutorials~~ loll i dread those because of the amount of work documenting each step. but maybe video is the way to go for those!

  14. Hi Sarah It’s Arielle! 🙂
    Videos on kawaii clothing, small businesses, and makeup! 😉
    My youtube channel : Theartsyartist
    Great giveaway I love seeing all your little posts <3

    1. thanks so much! i hope you are doing well arielle!

  15. LOL! friggin erick!

    lookin gooodd! i enjoyed the video!! cuteness overload <3

    1. hahaha you’re making me blush! so far the overall response that i’ve gotten from friends on my video is that i’m super serious! and then the real “me” is the outfit part.

  16. Alena Belausava says: Reply

    name Alena Belausava ( also on youtube and on FB)
    contact email
    I’d like you to do something like “what’s in my bag” video, or “things I’m goo at/suck at”
    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

    1. ooOo yea ive been wanting to do a whats in my bag post.. or video hehe. also your other idea is good. never thought of that one before!

  17. Elaine
    Favorite products video!

    1. thanks! maybe i’ll try to do a fav. product video 😀
      gotta think of some products first then, loll

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