Video: BirchBox + June Giveaway (Ends 07/07/13)

wp-monalisa icon Good morning sunshines!

It’s really starting to look a lot like summer, isn’t it? I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, whether you are working, going to school, vacationing, or just straight chillin.

But anyways, if you’ve been following my BirchBox Mini-Giveaway Series, you would know that this is my 5th giveaway out of 6 that I am hosting (one per month). If you would like to read more on my ongoing giveaway series, view my post here.

Ok ok ok… so I did another YouTube Video. Haha, and this one, I did in only one take! I really should have recorded more than once, but I was very short on time since I had to prepare for my fiance’s birthday party!

So, you’ll probably notice in the video that I’m having trouble saying some of the product names, ingredients, and what not. Haha I should have written it all down somewhere. Oops, oh well, I’m sure you will all forgive me…?? wp-monalisa icon

If you are lazy and you don’t wanna watch my video, you can see what’s in the box down below here.

Caudalie Divine Oil (Full-size $9-49)
Made with a blend of grape, argan, hibiscus, and sesame oils, this multitasking wonder gives skin, hair, and nails a gorgeous glow.

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick (Full-size $26.55)
Launching exclusively in the BirchBox Shop, this user-friendly lip pencil is a goof-proof way to score a high-impact pout.

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir (Full-size $20.99)
It’s not just your skin that needs anti-aging help. The new shine-boosting serum cures dry strands and reduces the odds of age-related breakage.

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles (Full-size $65)
A beauty editor favorite, StriVectin’s cream uses a patented molecule peptide to diminish fine lines and reverse the look of puffy circles.

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches (15 pouches $9.95)
We’re hooked on these hand-picked whole-leaf blends, which come in silken biodegradable pouches. But of course, that doesn’t mean to throw these pouches out the window! Throw away your trash properly, people!

Women’s Health Magazine Subscription (10 issues $9.99)
Included in your box is a special one-year subscription to Women’s Health, just mail in this card to start your subscription. Magazine offer valid for US addresses only.

wp-monalisa icon How to Enter
Leave a comment with the following:

For more info on my ongoing BirchBox Mini-Giveaway Series click here.

Thanks everyone for reading (or watching) and participating! Good luck!
xoxo Sarah

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    1. oh how you love trolling on everything that i post~ hahaha i miss you =P

  1. hello pretty sarah! dropping on your cute blog! =)
    i wish you could have bloglovin so i could follow your blog there. =)

    1. ahh but i do have bloglovin 😉
      you can find it on my right side bar~ its the light blue circle icon with a “+” sign in it.

  2. mitchellina metta says: Reply

    hi sarah! ^^
    just want to inform you that your package has been arrived! yeayy~
    thankyou for the cute letter <3
    thank youuuu 😀

    1. yay! happy your package arrived safely and that you liked my letter, haha 🙂
      hope you are doing well~

  3. Hi hi! Thanks for the giveaway!
    My summer must have is a good waterproof mascara- I know it’s not new or anything, but I still love Maybelline Lash Discovery for a natural lash!

    1. np! ahh and thats a good one! i think a good waterproof mascara is a must in the summer time. good thinking 😉

  4. Joining of course 🙂
    name: L. Takahashi
    contact email.
    My summer items are caps and sunglasses. And huge pants 😀
    Subscibed and liked 🙂 Killerbathduck/Lara Lizard and FB Lara Takahashi ^^

    1. thanks for entering lara! lol huge pants 😉

  5. Awesome giveaway!! My summer items would be sunglasses and sunscreen (a must have here in africa!)
    take care

    1. yes good sunscreen is a must! thanks for entering~

  6. Ok so lemme join this time haha! I catch it before it ends! LOL 🙂

    Name: Chai
    Email: chai [dot] domingo at gmail [dot] com
    Summer Must Have: Sunblock!!! Yay! For the face and whole body! 🙂

    I follow you everywhere! LOL. But I just subscribed to your Youtube Channel now hehe 🙂 Weee! More videos!

    ★♡ New Beauty Post (^_^) ♡★
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Mascara Topcoat
    My review on this new beauty product from Anastasia Beverly Hills

    Other Recent Posts …
    What’s the Fuzz with J.Co Donuts?
    Outfit Post: ⊱ Safe and Sound ⊰

    ❤ ~Chai
    | Bloglovin’ | NetworkedBlogs | Google+ |

    1. yay thanks for subscribing! haha and thanks for joining this month! don’t forget, one more next month!

  7. name: Jenny Lang
    contact email:
    I would love to win this! So nice of you! and my must have would be smudge free eyeliner!

    1. I forgot to mention I subbed and liked! (:

      1. thanks for entering!! smudge free eyeliner really is important! i use stilla for that 🙂

  8. you sound more like yourself and less serious. hahah 😀

    1. lol thanks~ thats cuz this time it was take #1

  9. Angela Rhodes says: Reply

    Name: Angela Rhodes
    Email: nofearpapertiger AT
    Summer Must-Have Item: Burt’s Bee’s After Sun Lotion
    Youtube Subscribe Name: Angela Rhodes
    Facebook Name that I Follow You Under: Angela Rhodes


    1. oh i’ve never heard of that one before. burts bee after sun lotion. i’ll have to check that one out!

  10. Stephanie Grant says: Reply

    name: Stephanie Grant
    contact email:
    answer the question: “What’s your summer must have item?”- I have to have my foundation
    subscribe to my YouTube: Stephanie Grant
    “like” my FB fan page: Stephanie Grant

    1. do you use the same foundation year round? or something lighter? thanks for entering!

  11. Beckie Brown says: Reply

    Name: Beckie Brown
    Must have: blotting papers
    YouTube name BeckieNQDP
    Facebook name I follow with: Beckie Tiggy Brown

    1. ahh! smart! i carry some around all the time as well. thanks for participating!

  12. Name: Thais Magalhães
    Summer Must-Have Item: Maybelline BB Cream
    Youtube Subscribe Name: yeahitsthaat
    Facebook Name that I Follow You Under: Thais Magalhães

    1. ahhh! I just sent you an email! you are my june birchbox winner! hope to hear back from you soon <3

  13. Christina Yang
    ccccdream (at)
    My summer must have is a light bb cream (:
    Youtube: christinayanggg
    Follow on FB: Christina Yang

    1. thanks for entering! a light bb cream is a great choice for an alternative to foundation!

  14. Samantha Vermeulen says: Reply

    Name: Samantha Vermeulen
    Must-Have Item: MAC pressed powder
    YouTube name: SamanthaV315
    FB Name: Samantha Hoskins Vermeulen

    1. ahh mac pressed powder. i haven’t used any of mac’s foundation powders since high school. but i do remember it having great coverage! thanks for entering samantha~

  15. name: Em
    contact email:
    summer must have: sunscreen
    you tube: Em Kay
    FB: Em Kay

    1. thanks for entering em! sunscreen is definitely a must have!!!

  16. Name: Jerrica
    Email: ponzu (at) live dot ca
    My must have item is BB cream with SPF for summer~
    Youtube: jerrica17
    Facebook: Jerrica Liu

    1. haha cute email. i love ponzu! and yes bb cream is great for summer time. thanks for entering, jessica!

  17. name Amanda
    contact email:
    answer the question: “What’s your summer must have item?” BB cream – love the SPF and light feeling on my face in the summer heat!
    subscribe to my YouTube: thisismissful
    “like” my FB fan page: Amanda P

    1. cheers for bb cream! what would we do in the summer heat without the sheer coverup of bb creams. thanks for participating amanda <3

  18. Thank you for this great giveaway!

    My name :Soraya Helena Ben Othman
    Answer the question: “What’s your summer must have item?” :Monoi oil. ,I love the smell of Monoi and i love hydrating my skin with natural oils.
    Subscribe to your YouTube:Helena Oops
    Following your FB fan page: Jens Ken Lundstrom
    Crossed fingers!

    1. oh no!! this giveaway is from last year! i’m so sorry 🙁 but I do have another giveaway going on. click on the banner on the right hand side to find out more~

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