BirchBox + July Giveaway (Ends 08/05)

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Ahhh ~ so it has finally come to the last BirchBox giveaway. Are you ready??


Ok let’s have a look at what came in the box, or you can just skip ahead to the giveaway!


Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste (Full-size $6-10.50)
A stylish Italian import with an invigorating peppermint flavor.


Pilot Acroball PureWhite Pen (Full-size $9-$11)
Acroball PureWhite offers vibrant ink colors and all the smoothness of a gel ink pen with none of the smudging or smearing. Plus, the color-blocked grip is comfy, on-trend and comes in a variety of gorgeous shades – this is no ordinary scribbler.


amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask (Full-size $12-$40)
Packed with omega acids and vitamin C, this lush conditioning mask boosts shine and even helps repair split ends.


Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Isaac Mizrahi Eau de Parfum (Full-size $20-69)
For his first scent, the designer created a fanciful blend of mandarin and jasmine laced with vanilla.


COOLA Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face (Full-size $32)
This mineral sunblock is infused with organic antiaging ingredients like evening primrose extract and borage seed oil.


Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner (Set of 4 mini pencils $21)
Inspired by traditional Indian formulas, this velvety liner glides on easily and lasts for hours.

This is the one item out of the box that I’m keeping for myself since I’m completely out of pencil eyeliner! The pencil is great and it glides on so smoothly. It does smudge a tiny bit, but not so much that you’d need to worry about it. The only thing I don’t like about this design is that I can tell it’s hard to sharpen with a pencil sharpener. Instead you’d probably be better off using a knife of some sort.

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Ok, now it’s time for the giveaway!!

birchbox-giveaway-julywp-monalisa icon How to Enter
Leave a comment with the following:

Thanks everyone for reading and participating! Good luck!
wp-monalisa icon Don’t forget to enter my other giveaway for a Comic Con Swag Bag!

xoxo Sarah


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  1. Jenny Lang
    I would love to visit Belize!

    1. thanks for entering! wow belize looks amazing!! i want to scuba dive in that blue hole! LOL

  2. – Name: Sakuranko (Raimar Guevara)
    – Contact email:
    – “What country would you most like to visit next?” I really want visit Guatemala for know the family of my boyfriend.
    – Bloglovin: Following like Sakuranko (Follower #152)
    – Facebook: Following you like Raimar Guevara

    Many thanks for this giveaway sweetie your previus pics about the Comic con are really nice. I hope be lucky many thanks for this Giveaway!

    1. CONGRATS!!! You won the random giveaway picker thing. loll, lucky lucky #2. Sending you an email now~ hehe and glad you liked the comic con photos! 🙂

  3. – Name: Thais Fernanda Magalhães Correia
    – Contact email:
    – “What country would you most like to visit next?” I want so much visit Souht Korea. ^.^
    – Bloglovin username: yeahitsthaat
    – Facebook: Thais Magalhães

    1. thanks for entering thais! i would love to go to south korea too~ i just can’t get enough skin care products!

  4. name: Jana
    contact email: janatoreen (at) hotmail (dot) com
    What country would you most like to visit next: Portugal!
    Bloglovin username: janatoreen
    Followed your FB as Jayen Gee
    Thank you!

    1. thanks for entering! ahh I just google searched portugal~ the canopy of colorful umbrellas is amazing and i love the interesting layout of the city!

  5. name: Allison
    contact email:
    answer the question: “What country would you most like to visit next?”: Australia
    bloglovin username : allison1derlnd
    “like” my FB fan page: Allison Tamura

    1. thanks for entering! australia~ yes i will go there one day too 🙂

  6. mitchellina metta says: Reply

    name : mitchellina metta
    email :
    I want to visit korea, to see the good scenery and buy makeup stuffs! 🙂 it’s so cheap there~ hehe
    bloglovin & FB : mitchellina metta
    btw, I can enter again or no? hahah if no just ignore this 😀 Thanks sarah!

    1. thanks for entering mitchellina! is it really cheap over there? i have no clue, but i guess it probably is cheaper 🙂 i want korean food. nom nom nom

    2. oh yea, and to answer your question, no you can’t win another birchbox giveaway. but you can win any other giveaway!! but this is the last birchbox one, so feel free to enter whatever else!

  7. name Alena Belausava
    contact email pinkmalice (at)
    I’d looove to visit Italy (and I hope I will in winter) as there are friends of mine whom I haven’t seen for 8 years
    follow my blog via Bloglovin’: vesnautunno
    FB Alena Belausava

    thaaaanks for the chance to win and do blog on! I adore your style of writing, interests and awesome (and funny) photoes!

    1. thanks for your sweet comments and for entering! hehe glad someone likes my writing! sometimes i worry ^^;; i’m hoping to go to europe too for my next international trip!!

  8. Name: lie-ying
    I would love to visit Thailand or Japan, I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t have the time!
    I followed you on bloglovin en liked your FB page. Such another lovely giveaway, I really loved the products I’ve received! This box looks also interesting, esspecially the mask and moisturizer! And also never heard of that eye pencil brand before?

    1. yea i dont know that eye pencil brand either, but i think i saw it one day while i was shopping at the mall. thanks for entering again! also, yes u must visit japan, its amazing! and thailand is very high on my list of countries to visit as well!

  9. 1. Name: Cindy Aiton
    2. Email: clogzilla(at)yahoo(dot)com
    3. Country I want to visit: France
    4. My bloglovin’ follower number is 155.
    5. Facebook: Cindy Aiton

    1. thanks for entering! i’m going to europe too hopefully! 😀

  10. Sheila Hall says: Reply

    Name: Sheila Hall

    I would love to visit Tanzania or the Galapagos Islands.

    I followed you on bloglovin and liked your facebook page!

    1. ahh i feel so ignorant. i have no clue where tanzania is! but it sounds interesting, and the galapagos islands looks so beautiful! thanks for entering~

  11. name-kien mei
    i would like to visit Taiwan
    bloglovin & fb-kien mei

    1. ive never been to taiwan before! i wanna go there to party, shop, and eat. thanks for entering!

  12. Bianca Rogoveanu says: Reply

    Czech Republic !
    Bloglovin: bubble10
    Fb: Bianca Rogoveanu

    1. thanks for entering! ahh czech republic sounds interesting! i’ll have to look into it since i dont know much 🙂

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