Creating The Perfect Autumn Look

I for one am excited about the arrival of autumn. There’s nothing I love more than afternoon strolls in the park admiring the changing foliage, wrapping my hands around a delicious Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte and refreshing my wardrobe with some essential autumn fashion!

I always find that autumn fashion celebrates classic pieces and iconic brands, so I’ve put together an outfit that I think encompasses all of this… as well as looking fabulous.

Let’s start with the perfect coat. I’m a fan of all things British, including the coats from world-renowned designer Barbour. There’s something about their designs that’s quintessentially British; it probably has something to do with the fact that the Queen herself is often spotted wearing one!

I love this elegant, yet practical, quilted olive design, available to buy online from Country First Direct.  It’s a masculine design, but the tailored cut gives this coat a subtle feminine styling. I also love the cute detailing of the corduroy collar.

Footwear now. The arrival of autumn and cooler temperatures means that we can unearth a wardrobe classic, in the form of knee high boots. As I’m working on the basis of my olive quilted coat, I’ve opted for these brown leather boots from ASOS. This design has a sturdy, and rather sexy, heel, so they’re far from being dull and sensible.

For when the weather really turns nasty, I like to have another classic wardrobe item to keep my feet warm, dry and fabulous! The days when you could only find wellington boots in drab black or green are long gone. Take a look at these gorgeous aubergine Hunter Wellies – also available to order from Country First Direct.

If purple is a little bit too vibrant for your tastes, or you’re after something a little more classic, then Hunter’s classic olive wellingtons tick all the boxes.

To finish off my outfit, I’ve been doing my research into what’s hot in the world of hats this season. I came across this really useful article from The Guardian. If you’re a fashionista with a fast-paced life, I’ll quickly summarize:  beanies are back!

You can’t go wrong with a classic beanie and this season, the likes of Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang have all included hats in their collections. They’re best paired with a masculine coat, so a simple beanie is the perfect accompaniment to that Barbour coat I picked out!

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