Ideas And Thoughts Make Photography An Art Of The Mind

Photography today has been integrated in many industries, because people love visuals and that is what works better with anything. In advertising visuals are way more successful than the audios. The TV ads and the billboards are the ones who drag the attention.


A Los Angeles or New York advertising photographer has to make a picture of an idea, more than just a product. If there is a burger that has to be advertised, the photographer would take the pictures of the hot brunette girl eating the burger in a bikini on the beach and savoring it. It all sells the idea of the product. In this case, the burger is savored with so much pleasure, and that is what gets to be captured. Because when you look at a picture, you cannot touch the thing that is portrayed in it. You have to feel and to understand the idea behind the picture. The absolute purpose of the advertising photography is to convince that a specific product or service is good enough for you.


Not only advertising, but also our personal life is requesting photography to bring up ideas. The idea that you are fashionable is brought up by a picture of you, dressed in some leather outfits; the idea of you being a hip hop baby can be seen in the picture of you at the Kanye’s concert; the idea of you being loved, is totally brought up by your wedding photographs.


Ideas and thoughts make photography an art of the mind. What our mind visualizes and wants, can be captured within seconds by a camera. A good photographer has the necessary skills, talent and observation that can make a photograph look perfect. It does not matter what is portrayed in it as long as it emanates the right feelings.


A picture does emanate a certain emotion we get to feel while looking at it. A photo of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on a fluffy bed of pink and candy can make you want to cuddle for no reason, within seconds. A Christmas photo with a European city with narrow stone streets all covered in snow, can make you want to sing “Jingle Bells” and drink Coca Cola. Photographs represent ideas, which once entering your mind, make you feel the colors and the vibes of life. Photography is a great way to transform a present thought into an image, that can definitely last longer than the thought itself.

Lastly, for all of you Kyary fans, here’s a cute commercial with her in it. Isn’t she just too cute?

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    1. yes, she’s always cute 😀

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