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Just wanted to share very briefly with you, my wedding hair accessory! I got this in the mail about a week ago, but haven’t had anytime what so ever to post. I actually shouldn’t even be blogging right now, but I’m trying to do it super duper quickly.

I got this bridal hair comb from Hair Comes the Bride. This product was not sponsored.

hair comes the bride wedding hair comb vintage

When my package arrived, I was very surprised by the presentation. Isn’t it so cute?? It came in a clean white box with a beautiful blue ribbon tied around it.

hair comes the bride wedding hair comb vintage

They even gave a card! I know it’s a generic card, but it’s still thoughtful in my opinion. I can tell that they really care about their customers and the quality of their products.

hair comes the bride wedding hair comb vintage

I bought the Dramatic Rhinestone Flower Bridal Hair Comb ~ Dawn for $54. Originally, this hair piece was $98 (what a steal!). With shipping and a $10 off promo code, I ended up paying about $55 total.

On the Hair Comes the Bride website, they have so many different options. I had the hardest time choosing because they were all beautiful. That’s why I ended up shopping from their sale section only (it’s just easier that way).

hair comes the bride wedding hair comb vintage

The hair comb is about the size of my palm. It’s delicate and fabulous. I believe that it matches my theme of 1930’s Shanghai perfectly! What I love about the swirly arms is that it is bendable, so you can mold it to fit your look.

hair comes the bride wedding hair comb vintage

Here’s a closer look at all of the details. What do you think?

The quality is superb. It’s super duper sparkly and does not look cheap! I am in total love with it. I’m dying as I look at it right now as it sits next to my keyboard.

hair comes the bride wedding hair comb vintage

I don’t really know too much about the web shop that I bought this from, but from my experience, I thought they were excellent! I would definitely recommend them to my friends. I found them while google searching for wedding hair accessories. Most shops sell hair pieces at ridiculous prices, but Hair Comes the Bride had very affordable prices.

I haven’t quite thought out what I’m going to do with my hair yet, and I’m getting married 2 days from now! WTF. Lol, and I haven’t even been practicing my makeup. Oh well, life goes on.

Here are some hair styles that I picked out while looking up ideas. Maybe I’ll try to do one of these?

vintage wedding hair styles

vintage wedding hair styles

vintage wedding hair styles

Sorry for my horrendous blog post. I totally wrote this up really quickly and messily. I’m not even going to read it over to see if it’s okay. That’s how little time I have!! Oh myyy~

wp-monalisa icon Which hair style should I do for my wedding this Saturday?

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  2. great packaging is such a lovely touch!

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