Fashion Bloggers vs. Fashion Magazines

These pretty girls are attending destination weddings in Florida, eating ice creams in Paris and sharing through their personal blogs, life stories and fashion tips. These pretty girls are the so called fashion bloggers.


In the today’s world, people who are hungry for fashion can feed their style not only by reading fashion magazines, but also by checking out different fashion blogs. Things change and, today, you can’t even ascertain which side is more precious to the ordinary people, fashion blogs or fashion magazines.

feral creature

The online fashion is now common for the magazines too. Each one of them has a web page and a big budget that has the power to inform everyone about its existence. But when it comes to the bloggers, people are becoming fans. You’ll see fashion bloggers getting hundreds of thousand followers on Instagram and Facebook. And those followers are not there only for fashion tips but also for the personal thing, that’s popping out in articles and pictures posted by the bloggers. Once you like the girl’s taste in music, wine and tourism, you’ll like her fashion ideas too and vice versa. The most influential fashion bloggers are now getting deals with fashion magazines and brands. But the fact there is a Scottish teenager influencing nearly as many people as the entire staff of a German fashion magazine, can’t be ignored. The transition into the digital era is now showing that people are more into other people’s lives. Once they like how you live, they will like what you wear.

lisa lee

Digital is the future of individuals being stronger than institutions. That’s what happens right now and that’s how the fashion industry will work soon. If there is someone who is ignoring the voices of the bloggers, it is only because the advertising of the fashion magazines is still strong. But it is all changing, it is all evolving.

Photo credit (top to bottom): Xiaxue, Feral Creature, Lisa Lee

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  1. Blogs are definitely the way of the future, and ignoring them is a big no no. I enjoy fashion blogs more rather than magazines these days. I suppose they feel more personal and real. ^__^

    1. i totally agree with you! i mean, it’s great to look at magazines, but looking at a blog really cuts out a lot of unneeded layers and sort of bring the reader closer to the writer. i guess its a much more personalized experience. thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! 😀

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