Black Diamond Gyarusa @ J-Pop Summit + Signed BD Crazy Tribe CD Giveaway! (Photo Heavy)

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I have a photo heavy post for you today, and a giveaway to win a signed Black Diamond CD! Details at the end of this post.

Many weeks ago I had the chance to attend San Francisco’s J-Pop Summit in Japan town. The main reason I wanted to attend was so that I could see Black Diamond perform live! How amazing is that?

I got the chance to see them perform two shows on two different stages. In the first show, they were wearing all different coords. In the second show, which I will show you later on, they are wearing their bright pink jumpers.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

The gyaru circle came all the way from Japan to be a part of this event and spread the gyaru culture. They performed a couple of their songs and also did a para para dance.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

At the end of their performance, they stood together on stage and sort of talked a little bit about themselves and about the meaning of the backdrop art piece that they had created on stage.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Here’s a look at each of the gal’s outfit. Most of them were wearing D.I.A. branded clothing btw.

I think Pomi-tan’s one was my favorite coord out of all of them. She’s just so beautiful from her hair, to her accessories, and all white attire. Most of the gals didn’t have their nails done, which surprised me. I think it may be because they were traveling?

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

This look reminds me of Hawaii chocolate, haha. It’s not really my style, but Erimokkori actually quite beautiful.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Gotta love all of the colorful hair!! I wish I had cool hair too. I think it would be very inappropriate for me to have these types of hair styles at work, haha. Love Rise’s pink hair!!

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Harutamu’s hair color is my favorite. Really, really diggin’ the blue.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Mayuchibi is one of my favorites because of her smile. She really had a lot of energy on stage in comparison to the rest of the gals.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

All of the gals had very dark skin, which is basic part of the ganguro style. But wow, her skin was the darkest of all of theirs. I can’t imagine using a tanning bed daily. That’s what you gotta do to be and stay that dark!

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

After the first show was over, I got a chance to explore the rest of the festivities at J-Pop Summit.

Right next door was the Ramen Festival, which had a wait of over two hours and a line that went around the block.

j-pop summit ramen festival sf

On the streets in the other direction (not pictured), were lots of tents and booths selling various Japan related items. Nothing really too interesting to catch my attention, except for this one booth that was selling corgi shirts.

I did however find the pop up shops!! There were lots of lots of cute items and clothes everywhere!

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

Here’s one of the shop workers, she was the most beautiful out of all of them.

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

wp-monalisa icon Rilakkuma galore~ poke my eyes out already!!

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

There was a huge Liz Lisa section for all of you sweet gyaru lovers.

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

Table display accessories…

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

Tons of hats and head accessories…

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa


j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

So… much… cuteness…

j-pop summit pop up shop liz lisa

But at last, I didn’t buy anything because sometimes I can be a cheap-o, especially after I see the big sticker prices.

After exploring the festival, we headed over to another stage to wait for Black Diamond to perform again. Before their performance, I was able to snap a picture of Pomi-tan & Mayuchibi outside.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

The show began with them creating their on-stage art piece again. It began with two gals walking across stage back and forth holding water guns.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

They wore cute costume kimonos.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

After walking the stage a few times, they began to squirt colored water onto the blank canvas to create an image!

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Once the two gals were done, a third one came out and began writing brush kanji.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Haha, Mayuchibi is always so happy and cute.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Once the art piece was done, the three of them sorta side stepped and clapped for a while to the music.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

After they were done, they went backstage to change, and everyone came out wearing their pink jumpers!

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Everyone looks so cute wearing these jumpers! I really would have liked to buy one, but for $150, I think it’s a bit much for me. Although now that I think about it, maybe it’s not too bad…

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Once again they performed a few songs for us, basically the same ones that they did earlier.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

I felt like they did a better job this second performance too.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

There was a point during one of the songs where four of them sort of did a cat walk down the stage, posed, and walked away, but most of them didn’t really have a good pose. This one is the only one that came out pretty good.

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

Another song…


Some para para…

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

And pose for the finale!

black diamond gyaru circle j-pop summit

At the completion of their show, they gathered at a nearby booth. I was able to get a photo with them too! Ugh, but I feel like I look so bad in the photos.


I wish I could blend in with them more. Haha, I have a long way to go. When I met them, we had awkward conversations in broken English and Japanese. I was so shy and totally blanked out forget all my Japanese! They asked me about my thigh tattoo, and were shocked that I had a D.I.A. belt.

Here’s some photos of my outfit that day that I stole from my own Instagram @xlicious.

xlicious girl gyaru fashion

I’m wearing Boy London hat, F21 blue top, leopard print bra, jeans shorts from somewhere in Japan, D.I.A. belt, and lots of random accessories!

According to Black Diamond, the requirements to be a gyaru are the following (in order from most important to least):

  1. Colorful and bright colored hair
  2. Tanned skin
  3. Makeup
  4. Fashion

Oiii, I think I am failing~ LOL

xlicious girl gyaru fashion

Can’t forget a photo of my makeup!!

xlicious girl gyaru fashion

Hehe, ok that about does it for this post. Now onto the giveaway!!!

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Enter for your chance to win a
Signed Black Diamond Crazy Tribe CD!

black diamond crazy tribe gyaru signed cd giveaway

The CD comes with 4 tracks:

  3. CRAZY TRIBE feat. HAYATO (off vocal)
  4. PERSONA (off vocal)

You can watch Black Diamond’s music video for Crazy Tribe in the video below.

wp-monalisa icon What You Can Win: One (1) signed Black Diamond Crazy Tribe CD

wp-monalisa icon Giveaway Rules:

  • Giveaway starts now and ends October 7, 2014 at 11:59PM PST
  • One (1) winner will be picked by me
  • Items will be shipped free of charge
  • Opened internationally
  • No cheating! Every entry will be checked and cheaters will be eliminated! I will be able to check multiple entries!!
  • Please do no unfollow/unlike once the giveaway ends, as it is unfair to those who faithfully follow and want to win the giveaway
  • Make sure you complete everything in the “How to Enter” section below
  • Winner will be chosen by me and emailed on October 8th

wp-monalisa icon How to Enter (All Mandatory):

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you want to win this signed Black Diamond CD
  2. Don’t forget to give me your name and email address
  3. “Like” Xlicious Girl’s Facebook page (, and tell me your Facebook name

There are additional ways that you can grab my attention if you really want to win this CD. I’ll leave that up to you. You can share this post, tweet, post on instagram, or whatever you want. Since I’ll be picking the winner myself, and this is not random, I will be more drawn to someone who really wants to win.

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Good luck!
xoxo Sarah


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  1. Damn, those girls for sure gonna get skin cancer geez o.o

    Please don’t do that S’rah, you 100000% fashionable as is.

    1. hahaha yea I’m not planning on ever using a tanning bed. though i’ve been tempted… i’ll probably just stick to my spray tans if i’m ever feeling the need to be darker 🙂

  2. I am open to trying new music, and that is why I want to win this. Also, I kinda like the gyaru style, as its playful, and the singers are tan.

  3. I “liked” you on Facebook. I’m under the name, “Eiji Matthews”

  4. it’s really scary when they have nails that long and then one is missing. it looks like half a finger is missing O_O;;

    1. ahahaha~ you are soooo right. i can’t stand when there is one nail missing, it looks so weird. during their performance, i kept looking at pomi-tan’s missing nail, while on the other hand we had harutamu with only one nail on!!!

  5. I would love to win this for my daughter. I am also following your facebook page (Roger Simmons)

  6. I am also following on Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest

  7. I would love to win this for my daughter, who is the biggest fan of all things Japanese -so much so that at 13 she is learning Japanese (and Kanji) so that she can read Manga and watch Anime in it’s “natural” language! She would love this very much.

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  11. Would love to play this and click repeat. Giggles.

    Good luck to you all. Huggiez.

  12. cheryl hodgkins says: Reply

    I want to win this so I can give it to my 20 yr old granddaughter who would go for this music
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  13. Rose Johnstone says: Reply

    I want to win because i love gyaru and black diamond 😀 My fb name is Rose Johnstone

  14. Do you know why gyaru models look down when taking photos? When did this trend start?

    1. hey! good question. this is a new trend that started a few years ago, but it has indeed caught on now within the gyaru community, primarily in Japan. it seems most gaijin gyaru prefer to show their faces. i imagine it’s because they spend a lot of time doing their make up and want to show it, not hide it! but for gyaru’s in Japan, this sort of pose began as a way to be “rebellious” in photos. the whole gyaru fashion style as a whole is extreme and sort of rebellious in comparison to Japanese society. i think they like the idea of, why take a photo and hide your face if the whole point is to show your face? more over, i think its also a way to focus on their hair and fashion, rather than the individual. in particular, black diamond gyarusa’s mission is to spread the kurogal culture, and i believe that hiding their faces helps onlookers to focus on the style rather than the wearer.

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