Christmas at Cisco

Figured this would be a quick and easy post. Just wanted to briefly share with you all the pretty Christmas decorations that we have up in the Cisco office in San Jose. Recently, we had a decorating competition between the different teams.

I work in the User Experience department. We are a small team, but a very dedicated one! My manger even went out to buy wood to build the base of our “gingerbread house.” The sign reads UX Elves Workshop.

christmas at cisco

Christmas themed UX posters posted on the sides of our gingerbread house, along with snow and handmade paper candies.

christmas at cisco

In the center we had a beautiful silver Christmas tree, and even inflatables!

christmas at cisco

Here are a few other decorations that I briefly snapped around the office.

christmas at cisco

These reindeer had a little accident in the office, lol. (if you didn’t get it, “I SPY poo”)

christmas at cisco

I swear just about every body in the office hung stuff from the ceiling. So unoriginal, as we were the first ones to start decorating, period.

christmas at cisco

I love these blocks and the snowman in a box. Plus the monkey is just too cute.

christmas at cisco

Sadly, my team didn’t win the competition. Oh well, at least we brang it! Dammit, brang it isn’t a word, but you know, it just sounds right.

Alright, hope you are all having a good week so far. Just a few more days and I’ll be home sweet home in sunny LA.

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xoxo Sarah 

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  1. OMG, super duper adorable!!!! I feel like my floor did Christmas all wrong. LOL There were some decorations up but not nearly as much. I didn’t even decorate my desk this year. T_T

    1. omg i went to the 2nd floor and it was completely dead!! but yea, all of us on the first floor had a decorating competition. thats the only reason why everyone went so all out. anyways, merry christmas!! lets grab lunch next year ;D

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