Coachella Outfit Inspirations

coachella outfit ideas

I’m actually supposed to be at Coachella for weekend 2 this year, but turns out that I accidentally double booked myself. The exact same weekend, I have tickets for Star Wars Celebration (convention). I love Star Wars too much, and it’s not often that the convention comes around to Southern California (it moves from city to city each year). Plus the new Star Wars movie is coming out! Even more reason to go – Coachella can wait another year.

Part of me is torn that I’m not going to get to go to Coachella since I did build up the expectation that I’d be attending. At least I can still have half the fun by picking out some outfits that I could have worn.

In this post I’ve come up with 3 outfit inspirations, one for each day of the event. All of my items featured below are available from, a trendy and affordable fashion store located around the US and online. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s sort of similar to Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or Wet Seal. Anyways, on to the fun stuff!

DAY 1 – Friday

A simple and “fresh” black crop top with high waisted denim shorts, paired with silver earrings and rings would look so cute together. Adding in a tribal patterned fringed cross-body bag with brown suede fringed sandals make this outfit perfect for day 1. It’s an easy going, casual outfit that looks good without having that “try hard” vibe. If you don’t feel like wearing shorts, you can replace them with joggers and it would look even more amazing.

coachella outfit ideas

Day 2 – Saturday

Saturday is the day to have the most fun with your outfit. Everything about this coordinate screams music festival. To complete this outfit, you must have a flower headband, reflective aviator sunglasses, temporary foil tattoos, a backpack that you can comfortably store your things in, and a mini romper or dress to spin around and dance in. Don’t be afraid to play around with bright colors in your outfits, accessories, nails, hair, or makeup. Turn it up!

coachella outfit ideas

Day 3 – Sunday

By the third day, you are probably exhausted, dehydrated, dirty, and tired. So this should be your most casual but cool day. For Sunday, I thought it would be sexy to wear a deep v-neck black skater dress with all black accessories. Though this is so plain and simple, it’s bound to be an attention grabber.

coachella outfit ideas

I’m going to Outside Lands 2015 in August, so maybe I’ll be able to save one of these outfits for that. Though it’s a lot colder up here in San Francisco than it is out in Indio, California. Haha, might have to pair these outfits with combat boots and a jacket! Nonetheless, it would still look cute.

Each of these outfits are pretty unique in their own sense. I’m not quite sure which one’s my favorite… I think if I’d have to choose, I like all black. But that’s just me being biased since I love all black everything. What do you think? Which outfit is your favorite?


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xoxo Sarah 

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  1. Ooh! I just saw your comment on the Tsubaki post but can’t log into my discus Rn! I’m actually trying to go back to blonde too! This past month I’ve been lightening it little by little–before I had it professionally done but I think I remember you doing a post where you’ve done it yourself? Any tips ? :3

    1. mmmMm yea, before I was using Loreal 8 1/2A ( that worked well, but then i discovered Loreal UL61, which lightens the same as 8 1/2A but looks way more ashy since it’s designed for darker hair! that’s my new go to box hair dye, which i should probably blog about since my hair dye posts get so much traffic, lol.

      i’m thinking about maybe getting my hair professionally done though, because i want it lighter than what my hair box dye can do~ i’d say the box can get my hair up to a dark blonde/light brown, but not much lighter…

      i’ve also heard that you can soak your hair in coconut oil over night, then apply bleach directly on top of your hair the next day? never tried it tho, lol. im scared of burning all of my hair off, though i do think my hair is healthy enough to bleach again =X

      1. I tried the coconut oil thing and it seriously made my hair color patchy and I guess that because it’s pulpy (i used virgin coconut oil from Sorouts)! D: ! Thanks for your advice! I’ll try it out but yeah If things get too much of a hassle I’m def gonna go to a salon! Today I bought Palty Milk tea so here goes nothing! LOL

        1. Woops, sorry I saw your comment while I was at the airport and never got a chance to reply! That sucks that your hair color became patchy from the coconut oil. Kinda scares me now… How did your palty milk tea go?

    1. hehe thanks x)

  2. hello. where can i find the FRESH crop top? exactly the same color if possible, please.


  3. Excuse me to ask you one more time. and about the short? Can you tell me link too please?

    1. so i tried looking for these shorts… and i have failed. i’m sorry 🙁

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