Lazy Vacation Days in Oahu Hawaii

If you follow me on Instagram @xlicious, you’ll know that I recently went to Oahu, Hawaii. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t too crowded.

Surprisingly, my favorite days during our vacation were the ones that we did absolutely nothing but lounge around and be beach bums! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scuba diving, but activities like those can end up being very draining.

On my lazy vacation days, I like to sit back and relax on our hotel balcony facing the beautiful ocean coast. With me outside is my kindle (I’m currently reading Game of Thrones A Feast for Crows), Kat Von D Lipstick, Nexus 5x, Kate Spade aviators, and scarf from The Scarf Shop.

the scarf shop

This beautiful twill silk square scarf in black & yellow literally followed me around everywhere in Oahu! I love how soft and smooth it feels on my skin. Plus, the colors are very sophisticated and has an upscale vibe, I highly recommend.

the scarf shop

On the beach, I usually bring out my backpack to keep a change of clothes and small odds n’ ends. Don’t forget your waterproof sun block and something yummy to eat, hehe. These Hawaiian Sweet Potato and Taro Chips were the shizzz, I could eat them all day every day.

the scarf shop

Look how gorgeous the Kailua Beach is in Oahu. The definition of white sand beach and crystal clear blue waters. Take me back already!

the scarf shop

My husband and I tried doing something very silly while we were out on this beach. We actually tried swimming out to the island that you see in the photo below. I think we got about 1/3 of the way out, and I got scared and told him that I wanted to turn around. Best idea ever.

the scarf shop

As the sun began to set, we took a stroll down Lanikai Beach. If you can believe it, Lanikai is even more beautiful than Kailua, especially at sunset. I’ll never forget the cotton candy colored sky reflecting upon the ocean. Such a dream.

the scarf shop

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone! Take care.

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  1. Yi says: Reply

    Hello! Long time lurker here and I’ve been wanting to comment for a while but never did it. I love your blog! Funny enough, it was only a few days ago that I was reading your blog and then today I *think* I saw you at the Vegas airport! (Super embarrassing if it wasn’t you.) I was so excited but too shy to come up to say hi, but recognizing you was so cool!! Just felt like telling you~~ I told my bf about it and I said it was probably the most exciting part of the trip (in Vegas) and he wasn’t too happy about it lol

    1. xlicious says: Reply

      hi Yi!! it probably was me that you saw at the airport! lol, you should have said hi 🙂 i’m super silly irl so i’m sure i would have been the awkward one in the conversation anyways, ahahaha. reading your comment today made me REALLY happy btw!! i haven’t been blogging much and honestly i think i’ve been unmotivated. but your comment has really encouraged me to want to be more active again! thank you, and i hope you have a beautiful sunday!

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