Hello Again World

eurotrip to rome 2015

This has got to be the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from my blog. I’ve got to admit, it’s a very slippery slope once you’ve stopped blogging for a while. In the beginning, I did feel this sort of rush from the thought of “OMG I haven’t blogged in over 3 weeks now!!!” It was cool and exciting at first because I felt like I was breaking some sort of rule. But after weeks turned into months, I started to wonder whether or not I’d ever return to blogging. Each month after, it got harder and harder to start up again. All this time however, I’ve never forgotten about my blog (though I’ve been too scared to login to it, or even check my ever growing inbox of sponsor/collaboration request emails). It’s actually been weighing heavily on my heart, and finally I’m forcing myself to write a blog post, any post really. So hi, here it is, I’m officinally back.

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