About Sarah

Hello & Welcome

i’m sarah, or better known here as xlicious girl.
this is my personal blog where i like to share about all the things that
i find interesting and that i love in my life. i maintain this blog as one of my hobbies.
everything posted on this blog is my personal and 100% honest opinion
and what i say is not meant to cause any offense to anyone.

curious about xlicious?
xlicious is a word that i coined back in 2001
and it has stuck with me ever since.

– Facts About Me –
i believe in Jesus
lived in LA, SF, and now Switzerland
been married for what feels like years
i’m a UX designer
fluent in english, mandarin, japanese, and learning french
the youngest of three half-siblings
my family is from shanghai and canton province
i love to travel and see the world both on land and underwater
i am a certified TEFL instructor and have taught at Peking University