Fashion Bloggers vs. Fashion Magazines

These pretty girls are attending destination weddings in Florida, eating ice creams in Paris and sharing through their personal blogs, life stories and fashion tips. These pretty girls are the so called fashion bloggers. In the today’s world, people who are hungry for fashion can feed their style not only by reading fashion magazines, but also by checking […]

OOTD: Forever 21 Shopping Haul

Been looking for a new graphic design job in the Bay Area, but haven’t really looked hard enough. Getting more serious with my searches now however, and have been getting better results! While I’m not job searching, I’m doing other things such as online shopping (yea, I know I shouldn’t be) and playing games. But […]

My Bridal Shower

I’m finally getting the chance to blog about my Bridal Shower! It seems that much time has passed since it all happened, but I’d still like to make a post to remember. I’ll also be doing a part 1 and 2 post for my bachelorette party. This is the bridal shower invitation that I created. […]