Guidance Software Holiday Party

Yet another Christmas Holiday Party, but this time for my boyfriend’s company, Guidance Software in Pasadena. When we first arrived, there were people at the door to greet us and take our coats. It was nice because there was also free alcohol the whole night. So we had their special holiday mixed drink, beers, and wine. While waiting around for dinner to begin, we chatted and sipped on our drinks and snacked on the platters that the servers carried around. Everything was delicious! I think I have an addition to tuna too.. Here is what my hair and makeup looked like for the party (I have bangs/fringes now!).

When it was time for dinner, we were all seated in the dinning hall. Instead of being served our meals, they had waiters server food from a buffet table. The food was okay, there was salad, different types of meat, fish, and veggies. For dessert, they brought each of us this beautiful tart with a raffle ticket pinned to the top of it. At the end of the dinner, the host gave a formal speech and then began the raffle. They gave away so many awesome things such as TVs, game consoles, gps, ipads, and even vacation trips!! I’m sad I didn’t get to win anything, but I did have a great time and met some very friendly people. Here are a couple more pictures from the party while we were waiting for dinner to begin.

Five (5) Days left till Christmas!! I still need to do my shopping! Ahhh~ Happy Holidays everyone!

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