New Hairstyle for the Summer

I’ve been craving a little change to my hair lately, so I decided to get something done. I went to my trusty hair stylist, Michelle 909-717-6887, in Diamond Bar, CA.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my hair, but in the end I decided to just touch up my roots and add some blonde highlights throughout my hair to make it a little lighter for the summer season.

After a long process of highlighting and dying and washing and highlighting and washing for about 2-3 hours…

… I got to see my hair color!

My hair has gotten a little less brassy from how it looks in this photo. I wish that I would be more of a pale blonde color for the highlights, but I think this probably matches my current hair color best.

After Michelle finished dying my hair, she wanted to curl it for me.

This is the back of my hair after almost 4 hours of sitting at the hair salon. I think it came out well! Maybe next time I’ll go even lighter. I probably need a trim soon anyways.

 If you are interested in getting your hair done by Michelle, you can find her at Shear Artistry in Diamond Bar, CA. Just call (909) 861-1112 to make an appointment with her.


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  1. Lovely hairstyles makes me feel really eager to try them out for my hair too for a new look.

    1. yes, its fun experimenting with hair styles. but sometimes im just too lazy to do my hair. so sad~

  2. This is just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I love every thing about it !!! LOL

    1. haha i don’t have that hair anymore, but thank you! 😀

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