Fighting Your Split Ends Till The End

Split ends should endDo you feel like your hair is not at tip top shape? Do you want to have beautiful healthy hair? I know I do! Join me and let me show you 5 ways we can prevent and END split ends!

1. Excessive Combing. Yes girls, it is true. We all are guilty of this. We can never, ever defeat the urge to pull out our combs or brushes, if that’s what you prefer, at the slightest image of a reflection; be it from window panes, car windows, from the most ill-lighted places to even those ultra distorted reflections that we get from every half-shiny object that we come across with. In fact, I was preening before I got down to writing this. Honestly, we just can’t seem to get enough of our hair! It just has to be perfect! We should be wary though because this actually causes split ends. In short, too much combing will damage the ends of our hair and cause them to break and split at the ends. So let’s not be too harsh on our hair when combing or brushing it alright, gals?

2. Unhealthy diet. Ten cheeseburgers please! Oh and 10 orders of fries with that! Yum yum! We all dream of just forgetting about our fear of eating too much thus becoming fat and just stuff our tummies with all the food we can eat! To let ourselves go and fulfill all those cravings we get ever so often that it already hurts! Basically just pig out! We can’t though, we have to act like the fine ladies that we are and just have a bite or two of that cheeseburger with a little sip of soda now and then and just let the boys finish off the rest. Story of my life. Sigh. It’s not all bad though, because having this sort of eating habit will actually end up not only damaging our health but also ruining our hair! Unhealthy diets actually cause split ends! No no no! No more carbs for me… until tomorrow!

3. Cheap hair products. Now this, we all fall for once every so often. We sometimes let our guards down and let the promise of superior hair care from cheap and inferior hair products. This is rarely the case though. My friends, i know that feeling when we see products half the price of that which we are already patronizing and it all seems too good to be true. Sadly, that might just be the case. Let’s all promise to not let inferior hair care products penetrate our hair and cause damage. It’s easier to ruin our fine silky hair than to rejuvenate it once it’s been damaged.

4. Too much chemicals. For a lot of us, Prom night is where it all begins for our hair treatments. We want to be in our best physical appearance for this once in a lifetime occasion! What could be worse than having a bad hairdo on this day of romance and youthful joy?! So we run to our experienced mothers for help and get our hair done, be it permed, ironed, curled, we end up with fabulous hairdos! But but but… hair treatments usually involve chemicals, and these chemicals when used one too many times may cause bad damage to our hair! So be careful when going about your hair at salons and don’t abuse your hair! Events like prom only happen once in a blue moon, not every 3 months, and certainly not every week, so schedule your salon visits carefully!

hair-towel5. Towel Drying. Unlike boys, we girls actually treat our hair with delicacy. However, there are a lot of us, me included admittedly, who towel dry our hair like those silly men! Harsh and static inducing towel drying may cause split ends! You’ve been warned sister! Let the guys ruin their own hair; we will not succumb to their primitive ways of hygiene! The next time we get out of the shower to dry our hair, let’s do it gently and let the water ooze out with love!

I hope that this has been helpful to you! We all want beautiful hair, and we can all have it! All we need is just a little discipline and a lot of love for our precious hair!

Author bio:
Thina Erving is a fashionista addict, she is a freelance hair dresser and make up artist. She is also as passionate advocate of preserving mother earth. She’s on Twitter.

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  1. I agree on all you have said here in your blog. It is very important that we take good care of our hair since it is said to be our crowning glory. So if you want to have healthy shining hair, better it the best hair care products or treatment it needs.

  2. Can I use some of the content from your site on mine? I will make sure to link back to it 🙂

    1. Feel free to use the content in the “Fighting Your Split Ends Till The End” post and link back. All writing should also be credited to Thina Erving.

  3. I enjoy reading write-up. Hope i can discover a lot more articles like this one. Thanks for posting.

    1. thanks for reading! 😀

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