Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish (Candy) Review

I’ve never really been a fan of the color pink, but lately I’ve been liking the color more and more. There is something pleasant with the color that I didn’t seem to care for in the past. I think a lot of it has to do with our societies association of pink as being girly. I used to be against anything that’s girly, in fact I was a total tomboy with saggy baggy pants, XL tee’s, and nike cortez’s. But recently, I have taken on a new appreciation towards this color. Especially after my last birthday party in Vegas. I really loved my pink skirt that I wore on Saturday night!

So enough background story.. Now you know what led me to purchasing the Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in candy pink (~$6 @ local drugstore).

For a while, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect shade of pink nail polish. It’s really quite tough! There are so many different shades of pink. You have your bright pinks, hot pinks, neon pinks, pastel pinks.. and the list goes on.

The pink shade that I chose is NOT hot pink. I describe it as a barbie pink. It’s sort of an in between of a pastel pink and hot pink. It isn’t one or the other but feels like a mix of the two. You can even say that it is leaning a tiny tiny bit towards peach. I love this color very much! I apologize because it appears that the photos that I took are not true to color.. In fact, it is REALLY off color.

The nail polish container is the same as any other Revlon nail polish. Typical A shaped bottom with a tall brush handle.

I’m not a fan of the brush for this Revlon nail polish. It’s just too thin and long! It takes me a lot longer to paint one nail. Instead of using only 2 or 3 swipes to paint one nail, I end up having to use 4 or 5! Having to do this ends up increasing the chances of getting weird uneven nail color, thus making you apply additional coats to fix this streaky mismatched color tones.

To get this color, it took me 3-4 coats. I would say that 3 coats is pretty typical.. but a good nail polish should only take at most two coats of color to be absolute perfection.

The one thing nice about this nail polish is that you do not need a top coat. The polish is pretty shiny and does pretty well against chipping.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish (Candy) Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • I think that this nail polish costs more than its worth
  • Awesome color that I couldn’t really find with other nail polish brands
  • Dries fast, but not as fast as I think it should
  • I hate the old school brush, common~ update with the times!
  • Requires too many strokes and coats
  • If you aren’t a pro applier, this nail polish leaves too much room for mistakes

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