DIY: How to Create Your Own Gyaru Nails

diy gyaru nails

Hello! I’m here with a little DIY on how to create your own gyaru nails!

I’ve always loved doing nails, but haven’t been really doing much of it lately since my wedding. For my wedding back in March, I got acrylic nails for the first time, and since then my nails have not been able to grow out long and strong. It was a huge regret to get acrylic nails, but I had to since I had an accident and broke a few nails before the big day. Good news is that all of my damaged nails have completely grown out (finally).

Here’s the nails that I’ll be showing you in this post. I went for a very simple and glamorous looking extra long claws.

diy gyaru nails

What you need:

The 3 linked items above were sponsored to me by

diy gyaru nails

Step 1: Line up all of the nails from largest to smallest and match one to each finger

Within the acrylic nail set, you get 12 pieces. I was slightly disappointed with these nails since the sizes ran very large in comparison to my natural nails. Also since it only comes with 12, you have very slim size pickings.

I think this nail set is not intended to be used for 2 hands, but rather one set per each hand. Wish I had known this earlier!

diy gyaru nails

Step 2: Begin clipping and filing to fit each acrylic nail to each finger, and shape to style

Because of the horrible sizing, I ended up doing lots of clipping, trimming, and filing. Here’s the nail shape’s before and after.

diy gyaru nails

What I used to decorate the nails: rhinestones, essie gold, Maybelline Color Show silver, Victoria’s Secret glittery gold, OPI top coat, OPI white

diy gyaru nails

Step 3: Paint your false nails!!

This is the fun part. Or maybe not so fun if you aren’t into painting. Since I was going for a simple and glamorous look, gold, silver, and white can never stray you wrong. I actually wanted to use matte black, but couldn’t find my polish!

For my pinky, middle, and thumb, I painted them gold. My ring finger was painted white and outlined in silver. The index finger was painted gold with a glitter gold gradient.

diy gyaru nails

Step 4: Add the bling!

Once you’ve finished painting your nails, you just need to add on the finishing touches. I didn’t go crazy with bling but kept it very minimal.

The only fingers that have rhinestones on them are my pinky, middle, and thumb fingers. The heart shape is facing away from me, and is applied with the OPI top coat as the adhesive.

diy gyaru nails

Step 5: Apply the adhesives and show off your new nails!

The adhesives are easy to use, just peel and stick. Because of the length of these nails, it isn’t really appropriate to have regularly, which is why I believe that adhesives are appropriate. You can wear them for a special occasion instead, and without damaging the heath of your nails!

diy gyaru nails

Well that’s all I have for today. One thing I love about super long nails is how it looks when you do the peace sign. I think it really completes the look of any photos, especially in the purikura booth, lol. Don’t mind my real nails showing on the under-nail side, I think it’s as gross as you probably do too.

diy gyaru nails

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