Blackout Curtains: A Home Must Have

home decor curtains

About 6 months ago, my husband and I moved into our first apartment as a married couple. Since then, we have been slowly collecting furniture and decorations to help make our apartment really feel like a home (and not just an unfurnished college apartment).

I’m proud to say that we got most of our furniture within the first couple of months, and we do have some art and decorations up on the wall. I have some frames that have been waiting to be put up for months now, but I need to get the screws for them still (oops).

The one thing that I would love to add to my living room now are some new curtains. Having curtains really ups the fancy factor and makes the room feel well put together. It’s also great for making the living room darker for those bright afternoon days when you want to watch movies!

There’s a lot of sites that sell curtains, but it’s probably best to buy from somewhere that specializes in curtains. is a professional online household products exclusive store that sells blackout curtains (how perfect!).

home decor curtains

I’ve been pinning lots of ideas on my Pinterest @xlicous. Check out my “home” and “norcal apt” boards for all of my home inspirations.

Lately I’ve fallen in love with the color grey. I’m pretty sure that grey is this years hot home decor color, as you can see it all over the internet. If not grey, it’s definitely a white and black duo.

The first image above is my favorite curtain that I’ve picked out from, the Favorite Grey Artificial Fiber Half Blackout Curtains (Two Panels), available for ~$72.99. I would love to own this curtain.

Below are a couple more grey curtains that I’ve been drooling over.

home decor curtains

Stylish 2013 Geometrical Jacquard Grey Poly Blackout Curtains (Two Panels)available for ~$66.99. I just love the sophisticated checkered pattern on this one. It’s simple and elegant done right.

home decor curtains

Lastly we have the Eco-friendly Curtains Made of Artificial Fiber in Coffee (Two Panels), available for ~$69.99. The detailing on this curtain is just fabulous.

I really don’t know which of these three I like best!
Which one do you prefer?

Check out all of Ogotobuy’s grey curtain selection here!

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