BSC.PRO Deluxe 8X Fat Burn Pellet 3 Review Shorts

BSC.PRO deluxe 8x fat burn pellet 3 review

Damnit. Damnit. Damnit.

Whenever I start a new graphic design job, I gain about 10-15 pounds. WTF! The transition from living my normal life to working a full 40 hour desk job totally destroys my body each and every time. It goes something like this…

Happy skinny jobless Sarah (105 lbs.)

Suga Mama Sarah (115-120 lbs.)

Workout Sarah (drop down to 110 lbs.)

Quits job (105 lbs.)

Currently, my weight under my about section is out of date. I’m actually averaging something like 116 lbs. It makes me miserable each time I step on the scale to check my weight. I know what I have to do… Eat right and f*cking RUN. But I H.A.T.E. running with a passion. Which is why I got suckered into purchasing these weight loss pills.

From pills to teas, lotions and everything else on the market, it’s so hard to choose. Who the hell knows what works and doesn’t work. I believe that 99.9% of all weight loss aids are gimmicks. But in all my desperate wanting to shed some pounds I gave in. This isn’t the first time I’ve given in either, I’ve tried breast enhancement pills (what a joke).

So in my weak moment, I ended up buying the BSC.PRO Deluxe 8X Fat Burn Pellet (Version 3: New Packing & Formula) from for around $50. Now with this purchase, it’s a “buy 1, get 1 free” deal. Plus there are 1,095 reviews and a perfect 5 stars. How can you not want to try this product after seeing the reviews? I guess what happens here is you want something so badly that you trick yourself into hoping that it really works.

Welcome to my review shorts for the BSC.PRO Deluxe 8X Fat Burn Pellet.

BSC.PRO deluxe 8x fat burn pellet 3 review

Okay, let’s break this down.
Buy 1 get 1 free means that you get 2 boxes total
Each box has 2 pill bottles (green and yellow)
Each pill bottle has 24 pellets

How to use it.

  • Take 1 green + 1 yellow (set) each morning = Basic Fat Burning (1 box gone after 24 days), OR
  • Take a set in the morning and night = Intensive Fat Burning (1 box gone after 12 days)

I went with the Basic Fat Burning option, because hell no am I going to pay so much for so little days and throw my body into chaos by taking double portions of these random pills that I bought online.

As of now, I have gone through 1 box. I don’t do any additional exercise and my diet hasn’t changed (but if anything I’ve been eating healthier and in moderation). I think since I’ve started these pills, I’ve gained 1 pound. These pills have not done anything whatsoever for me. I truly believe that this product is pure BULLSH*T and have no idea how it has so many “good” reviewed. I smell *scam*.

Product claims the following:

Eliminates 10.8 lbs of pure fat! *
92% trial users got rid of some fat successfully! # 100% are satisfied with the results! ^
(#) 11 out of 12 trial users have successfully lowered their body fat ratio.
(^) All trial users are satisfied with the results.

That’s really too good to be true. These trial users must have 1.) been paid off, 2.) on a strict diet and exercise plan, 3.) don’t exist.

Have you ever tried any weight loss aids? Did any of them ever work for you? I’d love to hear other people’s experiences and thoughts. For now, I think I’m done and will stay away from them. I’ll probably have to go back to what I know works, exercise.

Bottom line: Forget wasting your money on these weight loss pellets

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah 

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  1. Do you even know what you’re ingesting? o.o Be careful S’rah, don’t mess with weird shit like that…

    1. haha yea~ thats why it’s dangerous, because you don’t really know whats in the product, especially when its from overseas!!

  2. I’ve tried several things. Xenadrine I used for a long time, but it didn’t do much.

    I used to use ephedrine, which has since been removed from the market here in the US. I would take those or Primatene Tablets (they are an OTC asthma med) to kick my energy into high gear.

    I did try to get into the whole green coffee bean fad, I just didn’t see any results.


    1. hey vonnie, thanks for your reply. it’s great to hear what other people have tried. i’m definitely new to any pill related weight-loss aids, so i’m interested in hearing what you’ve tried! it sucks that there are just so many scam type products out there, and how we really don’t know what we are putting into our bodies. it’s scary health wise and for my wallet! haha.

  3. Wow I thought these pills sounded promising until I finish reading your entire post xD I suggest try green tea extract pills. Been learning a lot about nutraceuticals in class and my prof presented some good clinical evidence on it!

    1. haha damn, nu-tra-ce-u-ti-cals. i can barely pronounce that! lolll >.< but okay, green tea extract pills sound pretty safe! one thing i noticed is that when im high off caffeine, i tend to be less hungry. kk, must look into this more, thanks for the tip!

      1. caffeine is an appetite suppressant 🙂
        greentea extract should mostly focus on flavonoids, which is what gives weight management properties

        1. interesting, lol ok i’ll look out for the “flavonoids.” my friend just recently gave me some weight-loss tea. i’m gonna try it out. guess i’ll need to look into it to see if theres flavonoids!

  4. Def have tried Yerba Mate drinks, senna tea, and B12 vitamins to lose weight and milk thistle for a bump up in a cup size, but everything’s failed. ESPESH milk thistle! That made me gain weight! D: wah! Now I’m just like, “Maybe if I lose weight in other areas it’ll make my boobs look bigger” HAHAH :’D

    1. oh jeez yea thats a lot of failed products. they make me so angry!!! my lil sis just gave me Lyfe Tea, i’m gonna try it out just cuz i like tea, but i don’t have any hopes. she said it didn’t work for her but it has awesome reviews, lol. i am skeptical of all these products. but hey, i think if we all lost weight in certain areas, it would make our boobs look bigger! too bad we can’t just shove our fat around to the places we want them on our body. dammit.

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