Best Low-Sugar Meal Replacement Shakes

Low-sugar means losing weight and saying “Stop” to those artificial sweeteners and negative sugar effects. If you decided to substitute your meals with shakes, you’d better choose the best ones. In this article we recommend you trying out the low sugar, low calorie, high protein drinks to achieve the best results in either losing weight or boosting your muscles. Therefore, if you like to take protein shake, please enjoy the tastiest low sugar meals we have chosen specially for you in this top. Let us start the most vital list for the people want to enjoy the tasty drinks instead of boring standing near the stove. Here we go!


We started from this fantastic drink because it has the relatively low sugar level. Just 10 g per meal. What is more, you should obviously try this one if you have never tried protein shakes like this. It smells and tastes so good that you would think about it having other meals. We found a lot of reviews of real people on the net saying this is the best they have ever tried and the cheapest as well.

Yoli Essential

When we found the info on this wonderful shake we could hardly believe the number of sugar grams on its pack. It says 2 grams! All of the ingredients here are proved to be safe, nutritious, of the high quality. This one is also hormone-free. The price of it may bite some of the customers, but only because of the stevia, which costs more than many other sweeteners that are used in other products. It takes two hours and a half before you become hungry again.

18 Shake

This one is, actually, the whole revolution. Even its sweetest taste has only 1 gram of sugar proving it is the lowest amount in our top. One of the highest rated products can also boast the natural ingredients and real weight loss benefits. The types of protein here are rather effective to say nothing about the number of calories. What is more, having it delivered to your home, you will get the electronic book with it. That will inform you on the most optimal way of choosing the dosage for you. The calories are very low, only 80. You will also never find any artificial flavors here.

Vega One

Our another low-calorie product is Vega One. Besides the low sugar, here you will find a lot of nutrients and organic base. It is safe for all the vegans. For instance, brown rice protein, organic kale powder, pea protein. To say nothing about the pretty good taste.

GNC Lean Shake

The big corporation cannot produce something of a less quality. The biggest disadvantage that actually keeps this product on the last place of our rate is the low amount of proteins as well. For losing weight and right appetite suppression, you will have it at least doubled. That is why we can offer you have a double portion at a time. This product also has a high-calorie intake making it not as good as the others above. Still, considering its other pros like only “good” ingredients and low price to take part in our competition for the best low-sugar shake today.

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