Makeup Routine In Less Than 20 Minutes

Every woman wants to look and feel her best on a daily basis. However, sometimes, we are not blessed with some spare time in the morning, and we have to rush the whole makeup process just so we can get on with our day. Spending 30+ minutes in the bathroom 5 or even 7 days in a week can be challenging, and impossible. So, if you want to speed up your makeup process when doing your daily routine for the office, school, or even special night outs, you are at a right place!


How To Look Fancy In Less Than 20

If you are getting ready early in the morning make sure you get some caffeine in your system. This will speed you up and the whole process, just watch out for shaky hands.


#1: Skip Your Primer

Although it sometimes may seem like an essential, facial primer should be avoided when you are in a rush. In fact, you can use your favourite daily moisturizing cream since it can act as a primer also. If you don’t want to use your cream for some reason, no worries. Did you know that you can also use a foundation that has priming properties? With these two options, you will have 2 in 1 sort of a deal, and you will save a lot of time, while still achieving a long-lasting outcome.


#2: Foundation and Concealer

Most women find this part too time-consuming since sometimes it can take 15+ minutes just to even your neck and face colours. If you are someone who prefers full coverage, you probably know that this makeup is the hardest to achieve early in the morning. That is why you should really skip a full coverage option and stick with your favourite BB, CC or DD creams, as well as concealers.

Any one of these options will leave you with a natural, even, radiant, yet youthful look. Another great thing about these face products is that they can be blended out with your fingers if you are really in a rush. If you have some spare time, you can still use your everyday foundation brush or sponge.


#3: Powders and Bronzers

Every woman likes a bit of colour to her face. Powders & bronzers will keep the makeup in place for hours without moving it, yet sealing everything in your pores. Do go in with your favourite press or loose powder, just avoid baking. This process can be too time-consuming and is not easy to achieve. Set your face with a large powder brush by making tapping motions, and avoid the cheek and forehead area. Take the same brush and dip it into your favourite bronzer. Apply small pressure to the face and onto the brush, and apply a generous amount onto your facial features.

Make sure you skip contouring of your face, or even adding blush. These can be hard to blend out early in the morning, and can sometimes seem way to off when blended next to your bronzer, blush, contour, or highlight.

#4: Lash Extensions

Permanent lash extensions will save you a lot of time, and they will change your morning routine. Getting them done will:

a) Be practical
Waking up every morning and looking put together will let you grab another 30 minutes of sleep. You won’t have to spend a lot of time doing your eye makeup; therefore you will enjoy your beauty sleep for sure.

b) Makeup changer
Lash extensions give out an eyeliner illusion due to their thickness above the lash line. No reason to do a bold cat eye in the morning, and no reason to apply coats and coats of mascara! Lash extensions are voluminous, full, and elegant on their own while being very low-maintenance.

c) Different Style
Lastly, the best part is that you can choose your own lash style. Some women love natural and subtle extensions, while others prefer Russian volume. Any out of these two will guarantee you a faster morning and nighttime routine for sure.

#5: Eyebrows

Getting your brows to look even each day is a challenging task, and especially at 7am. However, the best solution that you can go for is a brow powder. This powder will fill in the center of your brows, without moving them or making them uneven. Using a sharp pencil should be avoided early in the morning since it demands time, practice, and precision. Also, another great product that you can reach for is the brow gel. You can purchase it in colour, or you can get a clear one and set the brows in place. This is hassle-free and very easy to do, while it gives you a lifted eyebrow throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about wind blowing or rain falling since your brow hairs will stay intact, in place, and will be water-resistant.



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