Reddit Jewelry Gift Exchange

reddit gift exchange jewelry

Usually I like to reserve Reddit gift exchanges for all of my geeky interests, but this time I decided to try something new. JEWELRY! Here’s what I got from the gift exchange. I love lots and lots of silver. Thanks Renee (aka Teenkerbelle_NOLA) for the thoughtful gift! Got these 3 necklaces with black string and silver […]

Summer Fashion Must Haves

summer fashion makeup must haves

With the bright summer sun and warmth pouring in, you’ll need to grab yourself these 3 summer fashion must haves. Thanks for sponsoring this blog post. I hand picked each of these items myself for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own! SUMMER MUST HAVE #1: Waterproof Eyeliner Having waterproof eyeliner during the […]

Coachella Outfit Inspirations

coachella outfit ideas

I’m actually supposed to be at Coachella for weekend 2 this year, but turns out that I accidentally double booked myself. The exact same weekend, I have tickets for Star Wars Celebration (convention). I love Star Wars too much, and it’s not often that the convention comes around to Southern California (it moves from city to city each […]