Comic Con

Aiya (Hello in Quenya)! Today we are gonna take a look at my trip to the San Diego Comic Con 2013. I was privileged enough to be given a professional pass this year for myself and a +1! So lets have a look, shall we? Above is a panoramic shot of Comic Con. The convention […]

Anime Expo (Part 3 of 3)

Happy Thursday!  Today is the last post that I’ll make for Anime Expo. This post will contain photos from my cosplays!! Another thanks and shout out to for sponsoring my cosplay lens!   Okay, first we will start with my Friday cosplay… NAOE KANETSUGU from Samurai Girls! So here’s the results!! It took me less […]

GAL VIP Magazine

I think this is a great idea. Finally a gyaru magazine for gaijin gyarus! If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m talking about GAL VIP Magazine. They already have their first issue out for the month of September.  Download the September issues online for free: here (password: galvip109) The magazine is pretty good for a first […]