November & December Shopping Buys

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Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted. But whatever, I am now. Today, I am showing things that I’ve bought since… oh my… maybe late October? Let’s have a look shall we? CuteX Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover $6 OPI Natural Nail Base Coat $6 OPI Top Coat $6 Victorias Secret Runway Angel (Free with Coupon) Delon+ […]

September & October Shopping Buys

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First off… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope all of you are having a spooky day filled with tons of fun. Tonight I’ll be volunteering at my church’s “Fun Factory” and working at one of the carnival booths! After I’ll be taking my niece around to go trick-or-treating. Not sure what I should dress up for Halloween as yet… I’m probably […]

Corgi Corner: Making Faces

Hello everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY! I haven’t posted a “corgi corner” post in a long time, so here we go! These photos were taken by Erick one night while I was busy eating half a watermelon on our bed. Lately, I’ve been really into eating watermelons and have found it to be a great source of […]