April Shopping Buys

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!  Have you bought anything special for you mom? I haven’t. But here’s some stuff that I bought for myself! LOL. I’m just going to take my mom out for dinner & give her a card written with love. HA!   Hair Bump $1 from Ebay I have really flat hair so […]

My Christmas Wishlist

So Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone has been posting their Christmas wish lists. I’ve decided that I want to make a wish list as well! These are things that I like, but I either wouldn’t buy it because of the price or can’t because of the price! LOL. Maybe someone out there […]

Corgi Corner: My Halloween Costume

Yay, today is Halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I was planning on posting some pictures from my own Halloween weekend (I’ll do this next post), but I decided to do something a little more fun and cute. What’s cuter than our fury little friend, Dumpling the Corgi!! We weren’t planning on doing anything this year for Halloween (even […]

Corgi Corner: Rope Chew Toy

As some of you might already know, I have a pet corgi named Dumpling.  She is now about 3 years old. In the pictures below, she is chewing on her minty rope toy. Dumpling loves playing tug-a-war with the rope, but when she’s not.. she loves putting it between her tiny arms and chewing on […]